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BLOCKING GREEDHEADS' HISTORY DESTRUCTION, BOYCOTT? Lee Geanuleas and Warren Celli Dialogue on Hotelier KANTI PATEL's Outrageous Perfidy on HP-5 and Putative MARRIOTT RENAISSANCE/SAN MARCO HOTEL

Please come speak at the Tuesday, April 3, 2017 St. Augustine Planning and Zoning Board (PZB) meeting.  Speak against the evisceration of our historic district HP-5 for parking and a too-big hotel, without required underground parking, which has been part of the Planned Unit Development since 2006.

On 3/31/17 11:12 PM, St Augustine Residents Count per Capt. Lee Geanuleas, U.S.N. (Ret.) wrote:

The rezoning of the current Barnacle Bills Restaurant on W. Castillo Dr. from zoning designation of Historic Preservation-5 (HP-5) to Planned Unit Development (PUD) for San Marco Hotel valet parking is on the PZB agenda for next Tuesday, April 4th. The diagram below shows the property in question.

As I've pointed out in previous emails the rezoning is:

1) Contrary to code because rezoning to PUD for a non-compatible use (parking) in an HP     district is not allowed, 
2) Contrary to the Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Policy 1.3, and
3) Contrary to Code because rezoning to PUD requires a "creative land use" and clearly, a     hotel with a parking lot next to it is nobody's definition of "creative."

Other than that, there's no problem...

But, there is a problem. After recently talking to a number of PZB members I came away with the impression that some - I repeat, some - seemed to not be very concerned that the Code and Comprehensive Plan didn't allow this rezoning. Huh?

Some seemed to think it was their job to fix the developer's problem. Say what

I mean, here's a developer who told me a few weeks ago that he miscalculated the cost of the underground garage that was part of the hotel when it was originally approved by two-and-a-half timesNo way???!!  How could he be so far off? 

Now (he claims) the hotel is uneconomical with the underground garage, so he bought Barnacle Bill's assuming he could convince the city to ignore its own Code and Comprehensive Plan to get him out of a jam of his own making.

If you don't think our PZB should ignore City Code in order to can bail out a developer who could use some help estimating his construction costs, then let the PZB know how you feel. Here are their email addresses:

Sue Agresta:
Matt Shaffer:
Cathy Brown:
Grant Misterly:
Deltra Long:
Sarah Shipp Ryan:

If you want to voice your support in person for following our City Code and not cannibalizing HP-5 to bail out a developer, come down to the Alcazar Room at City Hall 2:00 PM next Tuesday. Its the last of seven agenda items so you don't need to get there too early.

This one is simple; Follow the Code!

On behalf of St Augustine Residents Count,
Lee Geanuleas
I agree in spirit with your overall efforts to stop this particularly piggish eyesore development and to retain the historical character of the city. I can not however respond to your question as asked in good conscience for the following reasons;

1. Bottom line; the 'City Code' is a product of a hijacked self serving gangster government that has gained its power through willful and intentional gross political oppression under the color of law.

2. Responding to your question as requested is an expression of respect for, validation of, and legitimization of that gangster government's usurped power. One must obey their usurped power Lee, but one does not have to respect, validate or legitimize it with voluntary servitude.

3. The past track record of government officials arbitrarily ignoring the 'City Code' and applying it with a two tier favoritism makes the code an inconsistent laughing stock subject to litigation by all comers.

4. The above mentioned misapplication of the 'City Code' is why our current 'rule of law' is now a two tier scam that serves exclusively the few xtrevilist self anointed elite at the expense of all of the rest of us.

5. The above mentioned misapplication of the 'City Code' is also why Saint Augustine is more rapidly each day now being turned into just another roadside joint that promotes the state alcohol and tobacco drug cartel and their jack boot goon squad 'law enforcement' that is also rapidly turning this country into a police state.

6. You ask your readers to respond to these miscreants in English when the only language they fully understand is ka-ching (the sounds made by a cash register)

You have said in the past Lee that they hold all of the cards and that we residents who do not depend on tourism "have very little ability to influence what happens." That is true if we all continue — with hat in hand and on genuflected knee — to validate and legitimize these gangster foxes with our attention. But there is an alternative. We the citizens of Saint Augustine do have great power to influence what happens and to make positive changes in our city. It is the power of the BOYCOTT! The power to vote with your money each and every day.

Once one recognizes that most ALL of our problems; local, county, state, national, and indeed even global, have the same root corruptive causes that prevent the will of the people to reflect policy, then and only then can we see that our only alternative peaceful course of action as individual citizens is to BOYCOTT. It is well past time to speak in the language these miscreants understand — ka-ching! If we want to end the corruption and regain control of the now scam 'rule of law' in a peaceful manner we must all stop giving our hard earned money to those who oppress us and steal from us.

I suggest again that we make the Michelle O'Connell travesty the focus of all of our BOYCOTT efforts in the spirit that a rising tide lifts all boats. As Ed Slavin has reported many times on his superlative web site our local law enforcement is outrageously out of control;

If you want justice for Michelle O'Connell a BOYCOTT is your only peaceful option!

Justice for Michelle will lift ALL oppressed groups and go a long way towards restoring the now scam 'rule of law' in Saint John's County and making Saint Augustine a far more equitable and better place to live.

Here is information to create a simple; what, when, where, why and how boycott handout!

The scheduled April 22 pleinair protest would be a great day to begin!

Lee you closed your email by saying, "This one is simple; Follow the Code!"

I would say; This one requires integrity and courage, follow your moral compass!

Thanks again Lee for sharing your keen perceptive abilities and excellent communications skills for the benefit of the community.

On behalf of Intentionally Made Homeless and Oppressed Residents Everywhere Count.
Warren Celli


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Will you kindly shut up? You add nothing to a conversation but nutcase rantings...really. Somehow you leech onto Lee's well writting point and twist it to something that has nothing to do with Lee's point.

Seriously man...we are sick of you sitting on you fat ass spouting crap. Get up...get up at a meeting and speak...really easy to do. us a favor and unplug the power from your Mom's electric and power quiet...aaah thans dude!

Warren Celli said...

Anonymous — It's a pity that you are so obtuse as to not see the relationships.