Friday, April 21, 2017

"Thin-skinned sheriff afraid to be 'roasted'": Gutsy April 21, 2017 Editorial in Historic City News

Gutsy editorial in Historic City News. SHOAR refuses to be roasted. "Why does baloney reject the grinder." -- Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.

Editorial: Thin-skinned sheriff afraid to be “roasted”
April 21, 2017 Editorials
Historic City News

When you think of the man or woman who leads from the front of the county’s primary law enforcement agency, the person citizens depend on to protect them from hardened criminals and life threatening emergencies, you would like to think you are counting on someone unafraid of the dangers inherent in the job of sheriff. And then there is St Johns County’s sheriff — David B. Shoar.

Shoar was invited by, and initially agreed to assist, the local Republican Party, of which he is a registered member, when they were looking for someone strong enough to take a little good-natured ribbing to help them reach their fundraising goal for this year.

Republican Party donors, current and former elected officials, Executive Committee members and other financial supporters were mailed an invitation on March 30th to “save the date” for a celebrity roast of Sheriff Shoar and silent auction.

Of course, a “roast” is a banquet to honor a person. But during the ceremonies, as part of the entertainment for the invited guests, the honoree is subjected to some comedic ridicule at the hands of a few peers, family members, and others who are selected to sit on the dais. You would think that would not be a problem for our courageous sheriff, even an opportunity for him to make some fun of himself to help loosen the checkbooks from the guests in attendance at the charitable event.

But when you’ve accumulated twelve-years’ worth of baggage from some controversial, arguably poor decisions, particularly those that benefited himself and a closely-knit group of insiders, at least publicly, it may be wise to rethink booking such engagements — and he did, leaving less than a month for his hosts to come up with an alternate plan.

After some tickets had already been sold at $130 per couple as a “roast”, Historic City News editor, Michael Gold, received a second invitation advising that the location for the event would be St Joseph Academy, the meal was being catered by La Cocina International Restaurant, and craft beers and cocktails would be available for sale by Ancient City Brewing and St Augustine Distillery.

Giving the pretext that an opportunity to learn about urgent matters of interest to the national security outweighed the frivolity of launching scuds at Sheriff Shoar, the roast was abandoned. In its place? A sure-to-be insufferable lecture from Shoar on the dangers of opioid painkillers.

But at least Shoar will get the chance to hear his favorite person speak and he won’t have to worry about any potentially embarrassing questions about his deputy’s excessive use of deadly force, or killing their domestic partner, only to be kept on the payroll. In one case, a deputy was quietly returned to the department payroll after they were terminated with great publicity when the state attorney announced that they were being prosecuted for domestic violence.

Oh, and you need to hurry up and buy your tickets, $750 for a table of eight, because “seats are limited”.

By Tuesday of this week, three days before the event, yet another revised flyer is received. After receiving complaints about the partisan political fundraiser being held at St Joseph Academy, the location of the event is changed to the Northeast Florida Regional Airport and Convention Center and the ticket vendor is advertising a new, lower priced $40 ticket for students and Young Republican members. And, if you buy tickets today, your purchase price includes one free drink ticket!

Sales of tickets are apparently not so brisk as the Republican Party might have banked for this exciting chance to hear Sheriff Shoar prattle on for three-and-a-half hours from 7:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. tonight.

Patty Oconnell · 
Sheriff Shoar is being Roasted every day. Sweat Beads of worry...thanks Michael for truth of your news paper.
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Franklin Weaver
I don't think for one second Sherriff Shoar would agree to be roasted,because chances are pretty good a mention would surely come up of Michelle O'Connell,or Jeremy Banks,or Rusty Rodgers,Or Michelle's brothetr who did a complete flip flop.Don't think the good Sherriff(NOT)would be agreeable to any of that.He is magnificent of being in a CYA mode at all times.
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Rick Powers · 
I have read your junk long enough to bash a man of integrity Mr David Shoar you have crossed the line and have proved your news print not worthy! I will unsubscribe from your junk !!
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Historic City News
You'll be missed. Thanks for reading.
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Ann Marie Dale · 
Who was the deputy that was re-hired
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Historic City News
Kevin Nickmeyer
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Tom Reynolds · 
Thank you for this great reporting. I am even finding it a little odd that this will be taken place in a Government Building. However I am not a lawyer. Maybe that should be the next great editorial by a HCN editor. Thanks and keep up the great Community Informing that HCN does !
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Herbert Agar · 
Tom, according to the Sheriff, all buildings and property is private and you will be trespassed for protesting anywhere. Don't mind the fact that certian buildings/ properties are owned by the tax payers, for enforcement purposes they are all private.
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Tom Reynolds · 
Herbert Agar Thank you VERY MUCH FOR THE GREAT ADVICE. I have already notified my cousin in the DOJ and if I come up missing. Thank you Herbert.
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Warren Celli said...

From the "gutsy editorial";

"But when you’ve accumulated twelve-years’ worth of baggage from some controversial, arguably poor decisions, particularly those that benefited himself and a closely-knit group of insiders, at least publicly, it may be wise to rethink booking such engagements — and he did, leaving less than a month for his hosts to come up with an alternate plan."

This Dunkin Donut ass creep sheriff — wow what a scary picture, the psychopathic xtrevilism has been well captured — has been accumulating baggage for much longer than twelve years Michael...

If you want to do a truly "gutsy editorial" Michael, get off the wounded dear uni-subject foreground and put this sacrificial slime ball in context with the pattern and practice of the gangster government and businesses that promoted and benefited in collusion with him. See my comment on the last post.

Anonymous said...


The real issue is that we deserve Shoar...the idiots that live here keep re-electing him ...over and over and over again. That is the truly disturbing part....what type of jack asses live here...its not Shoar that is bad ( he is but his antics have been well broadcast) its the fact that Shoar's inept and corrupt management of the sheriff's dept was broadcast nationally by the NYT, PBS and a few other media outlets...there was even a documentary on Netflix entitled A Death in St Augustine.

So whats that say when Shoar wins by a landslide..that people here are to stupid to read...or to stupid to care?

The other chilling aspect is that his last oppent was to damn dumb to run as an indie or DNC...a hey bubba really thought you would win the closed primary against a dude that had over $250,000 in campaign money vs. your whopping ..hahaha $7,000.

Like the great song...clowns to the left of me jokers to the right...

Warren Celli said...

I disagree anonymous — no one deserves loser scum bag Shoar!

The citizens that live here (and around the planet) are victims of the xtrevilist menticide machine, the loudest voice on the planet, they are not "jackasses". The media serves to instill fear with its slanted lies of omission reporting, they never fully discuss the context of Shoar, his collusion with the business community that elected him or the corrupt farce electoral process that enabled them to do it. The result is that people become fearful, intentionally kept ignorant, and they develop a sense of futility.

The good guys are the bad guys, the smart guys in the administrative class are the dumb guys as they keep the gangster system alive with their attention as they too are being conned.

Representative democracy is a farce, we really live under crumbunism. Keep on pretending!