Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poltroonish pusillanimous patsies at ST. JOHNS CULTURAL COUNCIL, City's lapdogs emphasize "where to paint"

The St. Johns County Cultural Council, a/k/a "CULT COUNCIL," is a paid lapdog for the City of St. Augustine, with former City Attorney RONALD WAYNE BROWN and other turkeys on its board preventing it from supporting the cause of the displaced artists and musicians.

Result: as our Mayor, Nancy Shaver says, "Our streets are not lively."

Of as St. Augustine Beach Commissioner (and former Mayor) S. GARY SNODGRASS says, we look forward to that "lousy law being changed."

From former Mayor George Gardner's latest St. Augustine Report:

Week long Plein Air Paint Out April 21-30
Plein Air art   A Plein Air Paint Out April 21-30 "celebrates the town's opulent Gilded Age and natural environment," says Executive Director Elyse Brady of the sponsoring St. Augustine Art Association.
   "Selected works completed during the Paint Out will be featured in "GILDED," a juried exhibition at the St. Augustine Art Association. Awards for the exhibit total $2,500, including a $1,000 Best in Show. 
   "One of the important aspects of the Paint Out is that we have continually emphasized 'where to paint' in accordance with the City Ordinances," emailed St Johns Cultural Council Executive Director Andy Witt in response to a planned 'paint-in' Saturday, April 22, in areas where painting is banned - the Plaza de la ConstituciĆ³n and St. George and crossing streets." 


Warren Celli said...

Why get arrested for painting when there is no law against Boycotting the gangster creeps that made the oppressive laws and pay the immoral losers that enforce them?

No balls, no brains, no freedom!

Just more of just us!

Keep on pretending!

Is George Gardner trying to reinvent his xtrevilist self as an activist?

Gag me with a spoon! A big spoon!

Anonymous said...

absolutely right on...I for one fully support photographers 9 another art form ...agree?) standing in the middle of the street blocking my car while they get PAID to take wedding pictures...I really say hooray when I find them standing on my porch with an entire wedding party ..again getting PAID to snap photos.

My vote...the hell with rules...lets ignore we have traffic and live in a tourist town and lets clog St George St with easels and artists...better yet lets support them to set up at cross walks..intersections and even in the street.

After all...I think we can all agree that anyone who can paint must have a pure heart and THEY NEVER earn a profit. I always fondly remember he poor starving artist Adolph Hitler..perhaps if the had all hugged him and welcomed him we would not have lost 80 million souls in WWII at his artistic hand.

Great point Warren..I add many potential Hilters is st Augustine and the 'evil" establishment adding to our ranks...creating these people due to oppression.

Ever think about that...huh? For all we know Trump has the heart of an oppressed artist...could very well be because you know NYC, as most civil places do, has some pretty strict rules on the books...I bet young Donald was oppressed...wanted to paint a live nude on 5th Avenue and was prevented from doing so...hence later his later acts of grabbing___ out of artistic fustration...

Warren Celli said...

Anonymous said; "Great point Warren..I add many potential Hilters is st Augustine and the 'evil" establishment adding to our ranks...creating these people due to oppression.

Yes, I agree, and how many potential Hitlers are already in the ranks of the 'evil' establishment that creates the breeding ground for those potential Hitlers?

It is the evil establishment, not those that they oppress, that put the 'pussy grabbing', 'punch them in the face', misogynistic, racist, homophobic, Muslim hating, fear mongering fascist loser in the WHITE house.

If I had photographers on my front porch I would call, "Take us to court if you don't like it.", Barney Fox.