Friday, April 21, 2017

"Weekend protest, ‘paint-out’ aim for promotion of art without restriction" (SAR)

Come protest with your easel in the Plaza de la Constitucion and along St. George Street tomorrow, April 22, 2017 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. How gauche and louche that a longtime "arts colony" criminalizes art and music on our streets. As Reform St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver says, "our streets are not lively." Former St. Augustine Beach Mayor and current Commissioner Sherman Gary Snodgrass says that "lousy law needs to be changed."  The "lousy" legacy of the Chamber of Commerce, commercial landloards, louche lackey lawman DAVID SHOAR, now SHERIFF and unjust stewards led by former City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS a/k/a "WILL HARASS," entitled ex-Mayors CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR. a/k/a "LEN WEEKS" and JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR.  a/k/a "JOE BOLES,' St. Augustine's anti-artist ordinance is a stench in the nostrils of our Nation.  Creating art and music are not crimes, as federal courts have repeatedly ruled.

Posted April 21, 2017 12:02 am - Updated April 21, 2017 02:33 am
Weekend protest, ‘paint-out’ aim for promotion of art without restriction

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Some of the artists coming to the area this weekend for the St. Augustine Art Association’s Plein Air Paint Out will be doing more than simply painting; they’ll be protesting city restrictions on creating art in public areas.

The protest is planned for Saturday, when some artists plan to set up ­easels where the city prohibits painting and other art forms. The protest will fall on one day of the Plein Air Paint Out event, a multi-day event that will bring artists to the city to paint outside.

The events aren’t connected, though they are both focused on promoting the arts.

The city prohibits art creation — considered a performance under city code — on north St. George Street, Hypolita Street, parts of nearby streets and much of the Plaza de la Constitucion. But artists can paint and draw in other public areas such as at City Hall.

Angel Jones, an Orlando-based fashion designer, is arranging participation in the Saturday protest, she said. The event is expected to begin by 1:30 p.m. in the Plaza de la Constitucion and on St. George Street, according to a Facebook group dedicated to the event. But Jones said she plans to have everyone there by noon at the latest and could start earlier.

Some artists are planning to paint on St. George Street in defiance of the city’s laws “just to show how insane it is to not be allowed to paint on your own property or your own easel,” she said.

“Our goal is to get our rights back,” Jones said later. “Our goal is to show that creating art is not a crime.”

As allowed in other sections of the code, authorities are able to enforce the rules with a fine of up to $500 and arrest, said Denise May, assistant city attorney. The city’s top priority, though, is educating people on where they can legally create art, May said.

“We will enforce our ordinances if [people] indeed are performing or violating them,” May said.

The city’s rules have been shaped over the years through legal battles over constitutional rights. The city is now in mediation with four artists who filed a lawsuit against the city for rules that restrict the sale of art in public spaces.

Artist Scott Waters of St. Augustine plans to take part in the protest, saying the city’s arts culture has changed for the worse over the years as its regulations on street performers have tightened.

“I came here to do art, and I want to do art on the street,” Waters said.

Waters said he and other artists are willing to strike a balance with the city, and he’d be willing to pay for time in a designated space in a public area, he said.

While some are pressing for the ability to create art in prohibited areas, others are highlighting the space that’s already legally available.

The St. Augustine Art Association’s plein air event, a daily event that ends April 30, will bring more than 50 artists to the city to capture Henry Flagler-era “impressions” in anticipation of the Dressing Downton exhibit in October, said Elyse Brady, executive director of association.

The goal of the event, which draws from the support of other organizations, is to give artists the opportunity to experience the city’s beauty, learn about the architecture and promote artistic excellence, Brady said. The artists could be working near Flagler College, or painting a historic church, or one of the private places that has opened for artists in the event, she said.

They also won’t create art in prohibited areas, she said.

“There’s been a perception in St. Augustine that you cannot paint in (the city), and that’s not true. … Part of the goal of this event is to, perhaps, change that perception,” Brady said.

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Warren Celli said...

The real stench in the nostrils of our Nation is Saint Augustine's hijacked criminal gangster government. Self serving, my crap does not stink, self anointed elite xtrevilist morons...


"The City of Saint Augustine Florida is presently ruled by an oppressive city government that owes its existence to engaging in an on going pattern and practice of knowingly and willingly — and openly bragging about — creating a long string of patently unconstitutional repressive Jim Crow laws. Laws that ban Constitutionally guaranteed FREE SPEECH, art, music, newspapers, political opposition, and the homeless from simply asking another human being for a helping hand. These blatantly unconstitutional laws have been selectively enforced by a subservient goon squad police force that uses; intimidation, massive arrests, entering private property without warrants, confiscating, impounding, and trashing into dumpsters lawful newspapers and political protest materials, selectively excessive bail, etc. All of this arrogant lawlessness and violence has been performed under "color of law" with the purpose of terrorizing and instilling fear and compliance in the city's residents. The end result is that the present city government now stands as a self empowered rogue government that stifles, oppresses, and exploits, the resident citizens at will.

This on going pattern and practice of crimes have all been knowingly and willingly committed for the following express purposes; to suppress and eliminate political opposition so as to illegally and immorally control the city government; to demonize and eliminate an entire recognizable class of people (street artists, entertainers, and the homeless — a hate crime) just like blacks were eliminated and suppressed; to eliminate competition so as to control and fix markets; to suppress and control employee wages by limiting opportunity and instilling fear; to steal commonly owned community property for selfish private use and private gain; to raise confiscatory taxes on the residents to fund the city gangster activities; to pay themselves grossly outrageous fat salaries and piggishly lavish retirement packages, etc.;

According to the City Clerk’s office, WILLIAM B. HARRISS receives a retirement check from the City of St. Augustine of $9,367.46 monthly ($112,409.52 per year)."

More here;

Crooked city crooked cops!
Don't buy in greedy shops!

When the government is crooked then the cops are too!
They are the rich man's muscle that oppresses you!

No it is not one or two bad apples — the whole stinking xtrevilist barrel is rotten to the core and ready to burst.

If you do get arrested it will be under an immoral and 'illegal' law.

BOYCOTT! Justice for Michelle O'Connell!