Friday, May 11, 2018

S. David Freeman: "The Revolution is Now" on Renewable Energy and Ending Nuclear Power

"The future should be entirely renewable." So saith a very wise man, former Jimmy Carter energy advisor and former Tennessee Valley Authority Board Chairman S. David Freeman.  Watch this wise man in seventeen minute YouTube video (below).

N.B.  In 1979, David Freeman told Nat Caldwell of the Nashville Tennesseean that I was "the biggest smarts he ever met in his entire life," after I queried him about $300 million in price-fixed coal purchases.   In 1981, I asked David a question at a TVA Board meeting and he responded, "Ed, is that another one of those 'when did you stop beating your wife' questions?'"  He says our Civilization is on Death Row, citing nuclear power plants next to earth quake fault zones in California (I've  been there, tried that case).

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