Friday, May 18, 2018

Who is JACKIE ROCK? Other-directed St. Augustine Mayoral Candidate, Wrote Defamatory Facebook Post About Activist Ed Slavin

Retaliatory Mosquito Control Commissioner JACKIE ROCK just defamed me on Facebook.  She claims my activism re: cancelling an illegal no-bid $1.8 million Bell Jet helicopter put more than "200,000+ lives at risk" and wasted "millions of dollars in tax money."   Is she full of it, or what?  Read her ranting rodomontade below.

Is JACKIE ROCK unfit to hold public office in St. Augustine?

UPDATE. May 19, 2018: JACKIE ROCK has taken down her defamatory post, sans apology. 
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Why this matters: St. Augustine mayoral candidate JACKIE ROCK defamed a journalist, for activism eleven years ago that killed an illegal, no-bid contract for a $1.8 million Bell Luxury Jet Helicopter incapable of killing a single skeeter.

Yes, St. Augustine mayoral candidate JACKIE ROCK falsely accused me of putting public health at risk and wasting millions of dollars.
She lied.
She's anti-historical.
She's hysterical.
She did NOT apologize.   
No retraction. 
As JFK said on the morning after Election Night 1960 about RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON:
"No class." 

Here's the e-mail that I just sent to ROCK and AMCD:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Slavin
To: rockart1333 ; jrockamcd ; wflowers ; xueamcd ; jmoe01 ; brandhorstamcd ; ginaleblanc492 ; g-chowell
Sent: Fri, May 18, 2018 2:07 pm
Subject: Anastasia Mosquito Control Commissioner JACKIE ROCK's Defamation of Ed Slavin on Facebook

Dear Chairman Howell, AMCD Commissioners Brandhorst, Moeller, LeBlanc & Rock, Dr. Xue and Mr. Flowers:

1. I have objected to certain misleading statements by Anastasia Mosquito Control District (AMCD) of St. Johns County Commissioner JACKIE ROCK: she has repeatedly mischaracterized herself, in writing and in person, as a "St. Johns County Commissioner." 

2. In retaliation for my First Amendment protected activity, JACKIE ROCK posted on her Facebook page last night (the evening of May 17, 2018) per se defamatory statements about me, to wit:

Whoa there, all you had to do was ask for additional info. It’s a county wide role and has many of the same ramifications. 

To be CRYSTAL CLEAR -er....
If leadership on the board had perfect Self learning skills in 2007 , and were well educated on the public works duties by the staff themselves, someone’s intervention (sic) to “over Think” (sic) on a single major issue spinning (sic) it upside down (sic) WOULD NOT have managed to put the lives of SJC 200,000+ residents at risk (sic) for catching infectious vector born diseases.
That’s you Ed. You are that activist.
You intervened (sic) on major health and human services initiatives that put our entire county behind (sic) ELEVEN YEARS!!!!!!!
So, pay attention kids. Some “activists” can make actions go waaaaaaay sideways (sic) and cost a county public works millions (sic) in tax revenue.
Nancy can have you. Good luck.

3. Will JACKIE ROCK kindly explain her per se defamatory attack?

4. Do either JACKIE ROCK or AMCD plan to apologize/retract? 

5. Defamation is not the business of AMCD.  This is not the first time that AMCD officials have attacked me, in retaliation for First Amendment protected activity.  Former AMCD attorney GEOFFREY DOBSON spent AMCD funds investigating me, accumulating one pound of documents, in retaliation for First Amendment protected activity concerning illegal purchase of a no-bid, $1.8 million luxury Bell Jet Helicopter incapable of killing a single skeeter.   AMCD rightly cancelled the illegal contract in 2007.

6. Please place this matter on our next AMCD meeting agenda.  Kindly notify AMCD's and JACKIE ROCK's respective insurance carriers. 

7. Thank you for your prompt response today.

With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin


Anonymous said...

Never heard of her before but thanks...viewed her facebook page and she seems pretty cool:)

Her statement was not defamatory in any sense of the word. Maybe it is time for a change.

Anyway...thanks for the heads up and making me aware of Jackie running for mayor!

Ed Slavin said...

Dear "Anonymous":
1. "Anonymous": you wrote, "Her statement was not defamatory in any sense of the word." You're wrong. Please provide legal citations.
2. JACKIE ROCK take down her defamatory statement last night. This admits guilt.
3. Who are you, "Anonymous?" JACKIE ROCK's mouthpiece?
4. What makes JACKIE ROCK suppose that I somehow put public health "at risk" for "200,000+" people for "eleven (11) years" by virtue of AMCD's unanimous vote in 2007 to cancel its illegal $1.8 million purchase of an no-bid luxury Bell Jet Helicopter unadorned by a single nozzle or tank and incapable of killing a single skeeter, or that I have somehow cost our county "millions?" Delusional. Defamatory. Flummery, dupery and nincompoopery
5. Was JACKIE ROCK tipsy when she wrote her per se defamatory words? 6. Is JACKIE ROCK an unprincipled liar, "unethical, and untethered to truth," as former FBI Director James Come wrote in his book, "A Higher Loyalty," about President DONALD TRUMP?
7. Cranky JACKIE ROCK can't even write a coherent or truthful paragraph.
8. Who trusts lying JACKIE ROCK to be Mayor of the City of St. Augustine?
Ed Slavin

Anonymous said...


I am not a lawyer bUT know enough law to say merely stating her opinion of your past actions is not defamation.

Granted her post seems odd and I also think she clearly is mistaken in saying that you are responsible for canceling the helicopter purchase. Not to be insulting but frankly your activism while laudable in most cases certainly is not powerful enough to result in the County canceling a 1.8M dollar contract.

Obviously other issues were at play in regards to the canceled contract...affordability, taxpayer outrage over the dollar amount etc.

I have no idea as to the value of the chopper...was it a reasonable price Ed? What does the exact same helicopter normally sell for...was the County being ripped off?

Yes, yes, most cases no-bid government contracts are neither good practice or desirable BUT just on the face of things a no bid contract doesn't always mean rip off or improper funneling of monies.

If I am wrong and you really were individually responsible for getting a horrible County contact canceled then take the credit for her nod to you in that regard BUT let her be. She is entitled to hold an opinion that the deal was good for resident's health and safety...she may be 100% wrong but hey Ed that is life. Many folks are just plain stupid or wrong.

You are entitled to your opinion ...perhaps she isn't qualified to be mayor ( never said she was). What I said was I never heard of her....thanks for pointing out her facebook pages...she does have an interesting Facebook page. But yes...she may be a total idiot.

And yes, maybe it is time for a change of mayor's ( not saying Jackie though).

I love Nancy but gee..she has had her chance to change the City - yet she doesn't seem to be able to build a consensus ...good ideas but always seems to be a 1-4 or 2-3 vote with Nancy losing.

And btw...traffic is worse than ever...where did all the high dollar super duper traffic solutions end up...hmm...lets study that...hmm..lets pay more money...hmm..lets look at this or that but never do anything!

What has been done was very low hanging fruit stuff like having less events and running shuttles. Whoopie...lets spend $200,000 arriving at those radically easy ideas:)

Ed Slavin said...

1. AMCD vote in 2007 was unanimous (5-0) to cancel illegal, no-bid $1.8 million contract in violation of December 9, 1992 AMCD purchasing policy and Restatement of Contracts, 2d Section 178 (Contract Violation of Policy). Contract was procured under pressure from controversial St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who later wrote a letter to AMCD, stating his staff spent hundreds of hours in helping AMCD select a luxury helicopter.

2. A normal mosquito control helicopter would have cost $300,000.

3. You don't put a snowplow on the front of a Ferrari.

4. We did NOT need a fancy-bears luxury jet helicopter costing $1.8 million, with every one of the available extras, including $30,000 paint job, five leather seats, and an $1800 map pocket.

5. This was one of the most blatant examples of waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance in recent memory in corrupt St. Johns County, Flori-DUH.

6. But banks in December 2006, that's what AMCD Chair BARBARA BOSANKO, wife of former County Attorney DANIEL BOSANKO, got AMCD to approve, by 3-2 vote. Watch the tape. Read the news articles. Obviously, JACKIE ROCK never did.

7. BOSANKO later called for Sheriff's backups at meetings, possibly violating the Sunshine law in a post-meeting conversation with Commissioner LINDA WAMPLER and the Board's attorney -- captured on videotape and reported by the St. Augustine Record, with five front page photos of the three talking.

8. BOSANKO and WAMPLER took a recess and called the Sheriff to send a deputy to an AMCD budget meeting because former Army Capt. Don Girvan continued speaking about the helicopter.

9. After that, AMCD Chair BARBARA BOSANKO had a deputy stand behind Commissioners Jeanne Moeller and John Sundeman, who opposed the no-bid purchase. Blatant intimidation. Watch video.

10. After nine (9) months of activism, AMCD finally cancelled the contract and we got a full refund. Several persistent activists agreed with me, including the late Robin Nadeau and Donald Girvan, a former Army Captain, with extensive knowledge and experience with helicopters. Again, AMCD's vote was unanimous. AMCD did the right thing. JACKIE ROCK is wrong.

11. Falsely called a "sole source" procurement, the luxury TEXTRON BELL JET LONG RANGER helicopter was more suited for toting wealthy executives, like DONALD TRUMP.

12. Totally inappropriate for killing skeeters -- NO mosquito control equipment was purchased for it. No plans were developed for using it. No pilot was hired.

13. This was one wasteful, dirty, corrupt contract.

14. JACKIE ROCK is not "entitled" to commit intentional torts

15. JACKIE ROCK is NOT "entitled" to lie about me, or others.

16. How could JACKIE ROCK claim that I threatened public health for eleven years or wasted millions of dollars? That dawg won't hunt.

17. JACKIE ROCK has NOT apologized for lying -- she resembles other unethical, dangerous demagogues like DONALD TRUMP, or JOE McCARTHY.

18. We in the "reality-based community" find such lying liars to be unfit for public office. And you?

19. Does being JACKIE ROCK mean never having to say you're sorry?

20. What OTHER lies will JACKIE ROCK tell, "Ad Maiorem JACKIE ROCK Gloriam?" You tell me.