Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Saving St. Augustine From Wrecking Balls

We saw the problem. We got standing for all citizens to appeal from HARB demolition orders under St. Augustine Comprehensive Plan Section 1.8 and Section 28 of our City Code. Now, developers, Flagler College and FSDB are on notice. We now know how to stop them and preserve the City of St. Augustine. Forever. Here endeth the lecture.

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Anonymous said...

The commission, it is rumored, came in with its mind made up to save face for Len Weeks. That's it. He's such a great guy, you know. "HARB did not err," was what the commission said.

This was a clear attempt to restore Len Weeks to his former glory as ambASSador of St. Augustine.

Why can't anyone in city government comprehend accountability? Rewarding Weeks for his nonattempt at chairing HARB is a pathology.

Why does a citizen board always prevail over staff recommendations? (Except perhaps at PZB, where the owner gets up and screams bloody murder.)

Counsel for St. Paul AME contradicted herself several times and in each case it was in the course of one sentence. She also lied outright.

Rev. Rawls is clearly meant for something much bigger than St. Paul AME Church. All that righteousness, knowledge and interpretation of Scripture, a leader, and more. He really should be promoted for all he has accomplished here!

The only good that came out of this is what Mr. Slavin did: Any citizen can appeal!

Now let's discuss lowering that $120 fee to file the appeal.