Wednesday, December 10, 2014

St. Augustine Report re: Shaver-Neville dialogue on strategic planning, by former Mayor George Gardner

Philosophies tangle on strategic planning
Let John do his job" - Commissioner Todd Neville
"Let us do our job" - Mayor Nancy Shaver
Neville and Shaver bounce concepts with Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline between them.
Holding to their campaign promises, Commissioner Todd Neville looked for goals and Mayor Nancy Shaver for community input Monday night on whether staff recommendations or City Commission input come first in setting the city's strategic plan.
"I'd like to see two or three goals for each department that are measurable," said Neville.
"What I think is missing is the perspective that has been gathered over the past several months from the people who pay the bills," Shaver responded.
Shaver urged a workshop, and City Manager John Regan broke the deadlock: "It would be valuable to have the commission provide input, and I will bring something to that workshop," satisfying Neville's concern that there be a starting point.
City staff has been developing a strategic plan, and Vice Mayor Roxanne Horvath noted that her Visioning 2014 & Beyond committee will be pulling together its findings at a meeting December 15 to prepare a list of goals in January.

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Anonymous said...

Hands off?

Hands on?

Look at the past eight years, Todd. John requires resetting and that comes with guidance, which is the job of the city commission.

It's not to late to excuse yourself and allow John Valdes to take over your seat.