The Florida Supreme Court is set to review charges centering around the conduct of Brevard County Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis. Florida Today
Wednesday morning, Brevard County Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis was summoned before the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee to receive a public reprimand for "intemperate behavior during court proceedings."
"In the first of two episodes, you became frustrated with several apparent violations of courtroom decorum during a trial," Chief Justice Charles Canady told Lemonidis.
"Instead of showing the patience required a judge, you assumed an aggressive, adversarial tone and demeanor. You loudly struck your gavel. You made facial gestures. And you took other actions to show your annoyance," Canady said.
"Your behavior reached the point that a juror in the trial commented on your perceived dislike of defense counsel," he said.
The Supreme Court reprimanded Lemonidis for misconduct based on findings of a Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission investigation. Lemonidis stood at a podium while Canady read a prepared statement, then left the courtroom without comment.
Canady referenced Lemonidis' actions during the November 2018 trial of Mims resident Skyler Francis, who was convicted of attempted manslaughter and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.
The second episode occurred while Lemonidis presided over the March re-sentencing of Anthony Welch to three life terms in prison for a 2000 double-murder in Melbourne's Pineda Crossing neighborhood.

"After listening to victim impact statements, you made inappropriate remarks to the defendant during your sentencing colloquy. Although the law required a life sentence based on the jury's recommendation, you made remarks suggesting that the defendant was not worthy," Canady said during Wednesday's reprimand."You commented on the defendant's miserable life. And then you said that you hoped the defendant would fight for his life every minute of every day," Canady said.
"In our opinion issued last November, we concluded that these comments at sentencing degraded the solemnity of the proceedings by casting insults and abuse upon the defendant," he said.Canady credited Lemonidis for agreeing that her behavior was inappropriate and violated judicial canons.
He also said the Supreme Court approves the Judicial Qualifications Commission recommendation that she participate in stress management counseling.
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