Friday, October 02, 2020

Florida Mosquito Control Association, Inc., Lewis Longman & Walker, "Can't Handle 'The Truth?'"

Taxpayers fund the Florida Mosquito Control Assocition, Inc. through contributing membership dues from Florida government agencies.  Kudos to a number of those agencies, including our Anastasia Mosquito Control District of St. Johns County, whose five Commissioners voted unanimously to stop paying FMCA supporting membership dues, effective May 11.

Now captured with a conflicted  FMCA President who is an oleaginous orgaophophte huckster -- FMC CORPORATION malathion marketer DONNIE POWERS, a resident of mid-Alabama -- with conflict of interest representation by dodgy LEWIS, LONGMAN & WALKER -- FMCA is showing its behind, trying to extirpate First Amendment protected activity while concealing our public documents.

Authoritarian FMCA issued an unctuous ululating ukase yesterday, directed at dissenting members, whose website, containing "The Truth," is

The Florida Mosquito Control Association

And the

Florida Mosquito Control Foundation FMCA EIN: 59-181930, FMCF EIN: 650524018

2019-20 Officers

Donnie Powers President

James Clauson


Chris Lesser

Vice President

Andrea Leal

Past President


October 1, 2020


Dear Members of The Truth:

The Board of Directors of the Florida Mosquito Control Association (“FMCA”) is troubled by the several unauthorized mass communications that have been directed to the email addresses of FMCA members. In addition, numerous FMCA members have contacted the Board expressing concern that their private contact information given to the FMCA is being used for unofficial FMCA purposes. The FMCA membership list used to distribute those emails is the proprietary property of FMCA, protected under Florida law, including but not limited to Chapters 688 and 812, Florida Statutes. FMCA acquired and compiled its membership information through several years of contact with individuals and entities involved in the mosquito control industry in Florida. The list includes member contact information that is not commonly available to the general public. FMCA has taken steps to ensure this information has remained private, by limiting access to the information to certain select FMCA employees, officers and agents.

Because this list was misappropriated, any unauthorized use of the list is prohibited by state and federal law. FMCA reserves the right to pursue all available civil and criminal remedies against the individual (or individuals) responsible for the misappropriation of the list, as well as any individual (or individuals) who uses the list for any reason not directly authorized by the FMCA Board of Directors.

Accordingly, we demand the following:

  1. That you immediately cease and desist from using the FMCA member contact information;

  2. That you permanently delete the FMCA membership contact information from any electronic device that is within your control; and

  3. That you destroy any copy of the FMCA membership contact information that is within your control.

We hope that this matter can be resolved without resort to legal remedies. We trust that you will give this matter the serious and immediate attention it deserves and comply with the terms of these demands. We look forward to your prompt cooperation and compliance.

To the Membership of the FMCA: The Board extends our sincerest apology for not better protecting your private information. We have strong evidence of the breach source. Please be aware that this letter is not intended to stifle free expression or the Special Meeting scheduled for October 13th but simply to protect that information as we promised and as you have continually requested.

FMCA Board of Directors


Providing expertise and guidance for the control of pestiferous and disease transmitting mosquitoes. 

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