Friday, October 16, 2020

Skeeter Life: Fulminating FMCA Board Propaganda Berates Its Own Members, Can't Handle The Truth

  • Ducking nearly 500 pages of evidence,
  • Captured by a malathion marketer who is allegedly destroying the organization,
  • Whining about spending money on overpriced legal "services" by deeply conflicted LEWIS, LONGMAN & WALKER,
  • Affecting martyrdom,

here's an unhappy unctuous, untruthful and oleaginous memo sent to all of the members of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, Inc., which att long last, has "no sense of decency," in the words of attorney Joseph Welch responding to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings. 

Pompous, pouting piratical FMCA President DONNIE POWERS, empowered by corporate lawyers, airily and angrily presumes to lecture its own members about "law" and "decency," which is at best facetious: 

The Florida Mosquito Control Association

And the

Florida Mosquito Control Foundation FMCA EIN: 59-181930, FMCF EIN: 650524018

October 15, 2020

Dear FMCA Member:

Earlier this week, the FMCA Board completed a long and arduous (sic) process of organizing, managing and executing a Special Meeting for the purpose of recalling the Vice President, President- Elect and President of the FMCA. The meeting followed the rules/procedures/laws outlined by the FMCA Bylaws, State law and the Roberts Rules of Order. The meeting was officiated (sic) by attorney Glenn Thomas from Lewis, Longman and Walker (the same agency that has provided legal services to the FMCA for 20+ years). Mr. Thomas did not represent the FMCA Board but rather the interest of the Association.

After 3 hours of conversation, fact-finding and discussions, the Board voted to not advance any of the 3 charges brought forth by petitioning members to an investigative committee. The Board felt (sic) that none of the charges rose to the level of removal from office while other charges were deemed to be overly-stated, (sic) misplaced and/or mischaracterized (sic).

The Board wants all members of the FMCA to be aware of our collective desire to move forward together. The last 3 months has been a very difficult time for the Association. Time and money spent addressing accusations could have been spent on other Association business. As of last month, the FMCA has spent over $15,000 in legal fees addressing issues raised by TheTruth. The total legal expenses may approach $20,000. This is money that could have been used to benefit Association members and programs.

Leadership is difficult and finding qualified volunteers is equally difficult. Public accusations against volunteers is inexcusable especially when designed to embarrass (sic), harass (sic) and intimidate (sic). Additionally, it is troublesome when professionals outside of the mosquito control profession are aware of the strife (sic) that has permeated our Association these past few months. All of this appears to be directly related to an email campaign initiated and maintained by TheTruth. The largely anonymous email campaign from TheTruth provided no (sic) opportunity for FMCA officers to respond to “charges”. And without any independent verification of the allegations, claims were broadcast to members and non- members alike. Not only did this action violate (sic) the law, it violates (sic) basic standards of decency. For the benefit of the FMCA community, we ask that these attacks stop.

Each November the FMCA members decide whom to choose for leaders. We ask that FMCA members allow the Board to continue leading unimpeded without dealing with additional accusations. The FMCA values (sic) all (sic) members and all opinions but the health and survival of the Association is paramount. Let’s all move forward and focus on the primary mission of the Association: to promote effective and environmentally sound control of disease-transmitting and pestiferous mosquitoes and other arthropods of public health importance, develop and enhance public interest, awareness, and support for the control of mosquitoes, and provide for the scientific advancement of members through our meetings, training and education.

2019-20 Officers

Donnie Powers President

James Clauson


Chris Lesser

Vice President

Andrea Leal

Past President


Providing expertise and guidance for the control of pestiferous and disease transmitting mosquitoes.

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