Friday, November 06, 2020

I got 18,886 votes (15%), spending only $25; What's next?

My frugal campaign for St. Johns County's Anastasia Mosquito Control District Commissioner, seat 5 is over. I got 18,886 votes, spending only $25 for the filing fee. 

Cable TV news ads accused me of being a "LIBERAL," and a disgraced former Sheriff's supervisor said I was "the biggest liberal" in St. Johns County,

 It was my first time as a county-wide candidate. That's about a penny for every 7.5 votes, which compares favorably to other countywide election losers, one of whom spent $25.30 to lose in 2006. There are people who hunger for truth, justice and the American way. I salute them. Thanks to my supporters, including the North Florida Central Labor Council. Congratulations to Gayle Gardner, who was elected. She and I ran against bigoted incumbent GARY HOWELL, the Fifth Amendment AMCD member, a 20 year incumbent, 

 What's next? Some people say I should run for office again, having estabished St. Johns County support for their government watchdog.

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