Saturday, March 20, 2021

City’s live streaming suspended for upgrade (St. Augustine Report)

Does this total lack of TV coverage in the midst of COVID reflect a culture of secrecy, coverups and intentional tortfeasing, or merely reflect typical piss-poor planning and hubristic arrogance on the part of City Manager for Life JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E.?  You tell me.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called St. Augustine "the most lawless city in America."

Our maladroit Nation's Oldest (and Oddest) City of St. Augustine government dumped a contaminated landfill in a lake and thought it was ok, even though the St. Johns River Water Management District not to do it.  It then resisted massively orders to move the landfill into a landfill.  It has often klucked up video coverage, 2005-2021, under disgraced former City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS and his hand-picked and promoted heyboy, JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E.

Wonder why?

From St. Augustine Report, by former Mayor George Gardner:

City’s live streaming 
suspended for upgrade 
aaThe City will discontinue live streaming of public meetings until further notice, including on Comcast GTV. 
aa“With the recent (communication technology) issues in The Alcazar Room, we realized the need to upgrade our audiovisual and broadcasting technology,” says City Clerk Darlene Galambos. 
aaShe oversees coordination of the broadcast technology of City meetings with the Information Technology (IT) Division. 
aa“To ensure complete compatibility we will be installing an entirely new system.”
aaAudio of public meetings will be recorded and subsequently posted on the City’s website at on the day immediately following.
aaThe latest “add-on” was to be hardware to allow greater technological communication for hybrid meetings, ordered by commissioners to allow a minimum number of officials and staff in the Alcazar meeting room at City Hall. 

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