Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SAB "FACTION" OF FOUR -- Three of Five St. Augustine Beach City Commissioners Contribute to Two Term Comm'r ANDREA SAMUELS' campaign war chest -- she's running against reformer MAGGIE KOSTKA

Our Founding Fathers warned us of the danger of "factions."

The St. Augustine Beach City Commission, a bulwark of the Establishment here, is backing their colleague, ANDREA SAMUELS.

There's a "Gang of Four" in St. Augustine Beach, just like in the other itty-bitty city, the City of St. Augustine.

That leaves Commissioner Undine Pawlowski-George, SAB's Vice Mayor, as the only Commissioner who is not part of the controlling faction in St. Augustine Beach City Hall.

In Federalist Papers No. 10, James Madison wrote that the only way to cure factions was to remove their causes or control their effects.

Removing angry ANDREA SAMUELS from St. Augustine Beach Commission will do precisely both -- she is the source and center of factionalism.

Vote for Maggie Kostka for St. Augustine Beach City Commission -- this is a quality of life issue.


Commissioner S. Gary Snodgrass - $500.00

Leona C. Ringhaver, Wife of 
Mayor Rich O'Brien $500.00

Commissioner Margaret England - $250.00

Commissioner Andrea Samuels,  👸🏼

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