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Missed by GANNETT's incredible shrinking St. Augustine Record:  Port, Waterway and Beach District Commission Chair BARRY MARK BENJAMIN failed to qualify to run for re-election.  

While Chairman BENJAMIN signed paperwork on May 27, 2020, he never returned to complete it.  

Wonder why?  

BENJAMIN is righty being scrutinized for illegal voting, claiming to vote from a boat, when he actually lives in Jacksonville with his wife and mother.

Did Florida government officials finally enforce the law on illegal voting?  We will request records.

Another victory for the forces of reform in St. Johns County.

Here's my October 21, 2019 blog post, including the complaint I filed last year with St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections VICTORIA OAKES a/k/a "VICHY," who initially did nothing but stick her nose in the air and refuse to do her job without or favor.

Monday, October 21, 2019

WHO IS BARRY MARK BENJAMIN? Jacksonville Resident, Illegally Serving as Chair of St. Augustine Port, Waterway District, Claims to Live At 65 Lewis Blvd. Marina in St. Augustine?

Is this marina the legal voting residence of a local elected official, while others were told they could not vote or run for office without a bona fide residence on land?

Are you kidding me?

The Florida Secretary of State Division of Elections states
  • A business address is not a satisfactory legal residential address. However, although not the rule, if the person is able to prove residence there despite the zoning ordinance, a fact-finding body could determine that the business address is the person’s legal residential address.
Is St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District Chairman BARRY MARK BENJAMIN illegally serving as a member of the District?

Was BENJAMIN elected illegally?

BENJAMIN claims he resides at a marina, 65 Lewis Blvd.  where he once worked.

BENJAMIN may still have a boat there, but he does not live on board.

BENJAMIN resides with his mother and wife at homestead property in Jacksonville.

At least two other live-aboard boat owners were told by the Supervisor of Elections that they had to live on land

Was BENJAMIN treated differently by the Supervisor of Elections office, which told two other candidates that they must

and then-Governor CHARLES CRIST, whose staff blessed a dubious affidavit filed with the Clerk of Courts, swearing that BENJAMIN lived at commercial property, 65 Lewis Blvd., after he applied for homestead status for his then-residence in Palencia?

Does BENJAMIN live with his wife and mother in Jacksonville, at an address where he receives his voter information? 

Did BENJAMIN break the law when he used 65 Lewis Blvd., a marina where he once worked and sold yachts, as his "residence" address when he admits he "lived" in Palencia until 2013?  

I've obtained documents, requested more, and referred the matter to several prosecution agencies, and the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections.

I've asked for the SoE to investigate and make referrals for civil, criminal and administrative investigations.

Read. my October 21, 2019 letter to St. Johns Supervisor of Elections Vicki Oakes and Deputy Wayne Fusco, here:

Dear Ms. Oakes and Mr. Fusco:

Pursuant to F.S. 98.045(1)(h), may I urgently ask you, Ms. Oakes and Mr. Fusco, to inquire about a putative "live-aboard" boat voter's alleged voting residence on commercial property at a marina?

Please investigate St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District Commissio Chairman BARRY MARK BENJAMIN, who implausibly and illegally claims "residence" at 65 Lewis Blvd. pursuant to F.S. 98.045(1)(h). 

After your investigation, I believe that you will be persuaded to determine that Respondent BARRY MARK BENJAMIN "hhas provided an address of legal residence that is not his or her legal residence," and revoke his voter registration in St. Johns County, and make any appropriate referrals for civil, criminal and administrative investigations.
  2. Our Florida Secretary of State Division of Elections states in DE Reference Guide 0003 (Updated 07/2018):  "A business address is not a satisfactory legal residential address."
  3. How long has Respondent BARRY MARK BENJAMIN been improperly registered to vote in St. Johns County, Florida at a "business address?"  Ten (10) years?  Three (3) years?  Please investigate.
  4. Respondent BENJAMIN currently encumbers the elected position of Commissioner and Chairman of the St. Augustine, Port, Waterway and Beach District but lives at 3374 Waverly Dock Road in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida with his wife and mother.  That is outside the Port District by more than twenty (20) miles.  It is outside St. Johns County.  
  5. This 3374 Waverly Dock Road, Jacksonville, Duval County address is the "mailing address" he provided to the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections on June 2, 2016 (attached) in Florida Ethics Form 1 financial disclosure, adding the word "only" in hand lettered printing in parentheses. 
  6. On October 15, 2019, Respondent BENJAMIN stated in a public meeting, response to Commissioner Sandy Flowers at the monthly meeting of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach Commission District that he lives "part-time" on his boat at 65 Lewis Blvd.
  7. This is a binding, tape-recorded, admissible admission.
  8. The audio tape is a government record of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District.
  9. BENJAMIN's statement about being a "part-time" resident is a declaration against penal interest.  
  10. Is Respondent BARRY MARK BENJAMIN's putative part-time "residence"  a valid voting address -- on a boat, on commercial property, which he does not own, where he does not work any longer?  No.
  11. The 65 Lewis Blvd.  address is commercial property under St. Augustine City zoning law.
  12. Have other persons who claim to be live-aboard boaters required by the SoE to have a residence on land to vote?  Yes.
  13. Was Sandy Flowers told she must live on land in order to vote?  Yes.
  14. Does the City of St. Augustine deny live-aboard boat residents in-County reduction in mooring ball fees without a bona fide residential address on land?  Yes.
  15. Does Florida law and the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment require that BENJAMIN be treated equally with people who actually live aboard boats?  Yes.
  16. In truth and in fact, BARRY MARK BENJAMIN does not live at 65 Lewis Blvd.
  17. Since at least 2016, BENJAMIN no longer receives any mail from the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections (SoE) at this address
  18. SJC SoE records reflect Mr. Benjamin's mail is sent to an address in Jacksonville, 3374 Waverly Dock Road, in Duval County, where he resides with his wife and mother, 3374 Waverly Dock Road.
  19. BENJAMIN has no residence at the 65 Lewis Blvd. address.
  20. BENJAMIN has no business at the 65 Lewis Blvd. address.
  21. BENJAMIN formerly did business at the 65 Lewis Blvd. address as a business owner.
  22. BENJAMIN no longer owns the marina at 65 Lewis Blvd..
  23. BENJAMIN was formerly a yacht broker at the 65 Lewis Blvd. address. 
  24. As a formerly licensed Florida yacht broker, Respondent BENJAMIN was the subject of several boat owner complaints.
  25. In 2013, Respondent BENJAMIN's Florida yacht brokerage license expired.
  26. HISTORY OF COVERUPS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND UNETHICAL GOVERNMENT INACTION:  There is a history of government coverups in Tallahassee involving BENJAMIN's residence status, since 2009, involving both Governor Charles Crist and the Florida Elections Commission.  There is a history of conflicts of interest and unethical government inaction on BENJAMIN's residence status.
  27. An "investigation" involves taking sworn testimony under oath, in-person, and visiting the location in quo.
  28. No investigation ever occurred, 2009-date.
  29. In 2009, Florida Governor Charles Crist's maladroit and incurious staff resolved the matter based on a self-serving affidavit from Respondent BENJAMIN.  No investigation.
  30. In 2012-2013, the Florida Elections Commission claims it  "investigated" but it administratively dismissed -- without any kind of hearing -- three (3) sworn complaints about BENJAMIN's residency.
  31. In 2012, three (3) sworn complaints were filed by Messrs. Jay Bliss, Charles Thomas Meide and Brendan Burke, alleging that BENJAMIN really lived in Palencia, outside Port District boundaries.
  32. The three (3) complaints were closed after a few unsworn, untranscribed telephone interviews with information taken by an incurious Florida Elections Commission investigator, who neglected his duty and never checked local zoning laws.  The "investigator" acted as an amanuensis, not a real investigator.
  33. This sloppy investigative work resembles the approach by OSHA in performing phone/fax investigations, even of life safety hazards, despite Congressional and Government Accountability Office (GAO) findings that phone/fax investigations are inappropriate in cases of imminent life safety hazards.
  34. Where the integrity of our democracy itself is threatened by illegal voter registration of an elected official, the Florida Elections Commission has a duty to investigate, and not telephone and rely on self-serving assertions by the wrongdoer.
  35. The Florida Elections Commission investigator never visited the 65 Lewis Blvd. property to view the purported "mail slot" through which BENJAMIN allegedly received mail from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, AT&T, Residential Finance Corporation and that the business address was used for his 2007 Toyota automobile registration and driver's license address.  
  36. There is no proof that such "mail slot" ever even existed.
  37. The Florida Elections Commission's inept investigator relied on self-serving affidavits procured by Respondent BENJAMIN, or his conflicted counsel, JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE (Florida Bar No. 500194), also the lawyer for the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District.
  38. The Florida Elections Commission General Counsel, Eric Matthew Lipman (Florida Bar No. 958247)  ended his FEC staff's incomplete, telephonic investigation without examining the facts or the law, including the fact that City of St. Augustine zoning for 65 Lewis Blvd. is for commercial property, and there is no residence on the structure.
  39. The Florida Elections Commission utterly failed and refused to enforce our Florida election laws.  
  40. FEC violated the rights of St. Johns County and Florida residents to honest, fairs elections, blowing off three (3) reasoned and documents filed by three (3) respected actual electors of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District, one of them a Port Commissioner.  
  41. The three (3) sworn, verified complaints against Respondent BENJAMIN were filed with the Florida Elections Commission, bearing complaint numbers FEC12-174 (Jay Bliss, filed August 3, 2012), FEC-12-259 (Charles Thomas Meide, filed September 17, 2012), and 12-260 (F. Brendan Burke, September 7, 2012).
  42. Oddly, no hearing was ever held by either the Florida Elections Commission or by any any administrative law judge from the Department of Administrative Hearings in any of the three (3) complaints.
  43. The three (3) complaints were kept secret from the public during the putative "investigation," pursuant to Florida election law.  The moribund, do-nothing Florida Elections Commission voted 6-0 on May 14, 2013 to find that there was no probable cause on the three (3) complaints, at a meeting that routinely, rubber-stamped dozens of staff recommendations.  (See attachment).
  44. BENJAMIN was represented by counsel in those three (3) complaints.
  45. BENJAMIN was not represented by a private attorney, but by Port District counsel JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE, who had no written engagement letter until October 15, 2019, after ten (10) years of serving as the Port District Attorney.
  46. BEDSOLE wrote the Florida Elections Commission and informed it that the Office of Governor Charles Crist had "investigated" in 2009 and that the "investigation" somehow approved his boat voting residence.
  47. No "investigation" was ever performed by Governor Crist's office, which refused to take action based upon a self-serving September 15, 2009 declaration affidavit filed by BENJAMIN. (See attached document from St. Johns County Property Appraiser, withdrawing BENJAMIN's previously approved homestead exemption for his homesteaded property outside the District boundaries, at 145 Oak Common Drive, indicating that once the declaration was received, Governor Crist's appointees dropped the matter. No other records have been located by our Florida State Library and Archives. In short, it appears that Commissioner Jay Bliss's complaint to the Governor was not investigated, and that this case was "fixed" by the office of then-Governor Crist, then a Republican.  That office performed no "investigation."
  48. Was JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE's dual legal representation in 2009 or 2012-2013 properly approved by the Port District?
  49. Did BEDSOLE ever obtain any legal opinion from the State Attorney General or State Bar that his dual representation was ethical and authorized?
  50. Was BEDSOLE's dual representation in an Elections Commission complaint against one member of the District, of both the member and the Port District itself, a conflict of interest prohibited by Florida Bar Rules?
  51. At the time of the complaints, BENJAMIN admitted on the Port District's website in that he and his wife resided in Palencia, stating inter alia that "Barry enjoys meeting and maintaining contact with meeting and members of foreign port authorities.  They reside in Palencia."  (Emphasis added).
  52. BENJAMIN later blamed an unknown, unnamed staff member of the SOE for his moving outside the territorial limits of the Port District.
  53. Then BENJAMIN filed his affidavit of residency with the Clerk of Courts, implausibly asserting that he lived on his boat.
  54. Emboldened by the inaction, sloth and torpor of the Florida Elections Commission in 2012-2013 and the Office of Governor CHARLES CRIST in 2009, BENJAMIN now lives in Jacksonville, more than 20 miles from the northernmost boundary of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District.  
  55. BENJAMIN on October 15, 2019 at the Port District meeting now claims to live on a boat in St. Augustine "part-time."
  56. BENJAMIN is currently under investigation by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) for possible unlicensed activity,
  57. DBPR is investigating whether BENJAMIN has retained advertising on the Internet as a yacht brokerage.
  58. DBPR mailed its first inquiry letter to its address on file for BENJAMIN. The letter came back unclaimed.
  59. DBPR sent its second inquiry letter to the Jacksonville address listed on the SoE website, 3374 Waverly Dock Road, where BENJAMIN lives with his wife and mother.
  60. Did BENJAMIN filed an inaccurate or misleading affidavit of residency with the St. Johns County Clerk of Courts before he moved to Jacksonville?  Yes.
  61. Has BENJAMIN corrected or revoked that 2009 declaration affidavit?  No.
  62. Is BENJAMIN relying on that affidavit in a continuing illegal effort to vote from a boat in St. Augustine?  Yes.
  63. Is BENNJAMIN relying on that affidavit in encumbering a seat on the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach Commission? Yes.
  64. Is BENJAMIN relying on that affidavit to continue encumbering a seat on the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District Commission?  Yes.
  65. Is BENJAMIN relying on that affidavit to continue serving as Chairman of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District Commission?  Yes.
  66. BENJAMIN asserted in the affidavit that 65 Lewis Blvd. was his residence, based on assertions of living aboard a boat.
  67. BENJAMIN does not live aboard a boat at 65 Lewis Blvd.
  68. Yet BENJAMIN swore to SOE in his statement of candidacy on May 18, 2016 that his residence address was at 65 Lewis Blvd.  (See attachment).
  69. BENJAMIN gave the Jacksonville, Duval County, address where he resides with his wife and mother, 3374 Waverly Dock Road, as his mailing address. 
  70. Investigation by the SJC SoE will confirm that BENJAMIN does not live inside the territorial limits of St. Johns County or the St, Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District and does not live at 65 Lewis Blvd. on commercial property he no longer owns and where he claims, at best, to be a "part-time" resident of his boat.
  71. BENJAMIN did not live inside the territorial limits of the St, Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District when he filed a statement of candidacy in 2016 for his re-election.  
  72. BENJAMIN's seat is thus vacant, pursuant to F.S. 104.01(g). 
  73. BENJAMIN's election as Chairman in November 2018 was illegal, ultra vires, and void ab initio.
  74. Does BENJAMIN's May 18, 2016 statement of candidacy contain a false statement that violates F.S. 104.11(1) in connection with a political candidacy?  Yes.
  75. Has BENJAMIN received, and voted to disburse, state and local government funds based upon his May 18, 2016 statement of candidacy, which contain a false statement that violates F.S. 104.11(1) in connection with a political candidacy?  Yes.
  76. Are some of those government funds state funds, covered by the Florida False Claims Act?  Yes.
  77. Has BENJAMIN made repeated false statements to Florida government officials in connection with his residence?
  78. Is BENJAMIN voting illegally from commercial property at Lewis Blvd., when he receives his SoE mail in Jacksonville, where he resides with his wife and mother?  Yes.
  79. Is BENJAMIN serving illegally as Chairman of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District?  Yes.
  80. I texted BENJAMIN on October 18, 2019 and I offered to read him the complaint in draft form.  He declined, asking me to text it to him.  I declined, explaining that I have arthritis.  He then wanted me to send him a photo of it.
  81. The facts are irrefragable.
  82. Benjamin is not a lawful voting resident of either St. Johns County or the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District.
  83. BENJAMIN has not advanced any evidence that 65 Lewis Blvd. is his current residence address.
  84. A call to the marina at that location will confirm that BENJAMIN does not live there.
  85. Interviews with live-aboard boat residents at that location will confirm that he does not live there.
  86. BENJAMIN's 65 Lewis Blvd. voting residence is a sham and a legal fiction, perpetrated by SAPWB counsel JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE and tolerated by the staff of Governor Charles Crist and the staff of the Florida Elections Commission in the past.
  87. SAPWB Chair BENJAMIN issued illegal orders to me and other citizens at the October 15, 2019 meeting, as did Vice Chair Thomas Rivers, who is also the St. Johns County Republican State Committeeman.   The purpose of those illegal orders was to suppress free speech about this boat voting residence sham, and other instances of misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, waste, fraud, abuse by SAPWB.
  88. Those illegal orders by nonresident SAPWB Chair BENJAMIN prevented actual St. Johns County residents from discussing BEDSOLE's first-ever contract as attorney for the District.
  89. Those illegal orders included a retaliatory request that the St. Augustine Beach Police remove Mr. Thomas F. Reynolds, a resident of St. Augustine Beach and St. Johns County, an announced candidate for Sheriff, in blatant retaliation for his asking to speak about BEDSOLE's contract.  BENJAMIN has a custom, usage, practice and procedure of denying public comment before SAPWB decisions. 
  90. This violates F.S. 286.0114 and the First and Ninth Amendments to the United States Constitution and 42 U.S.C. 1983. 
  91. Other persons calling out without being recognized were not ejected, including St. Augustine City General Services Director James Piggott, who called out information from the back of the St. Augustine Beach City Commission chambers without ever being recognized or going to the podium.
  92. Other persons at Port meetings frequently calling out information without being recognized; all of them are representatives of law enforcement or government entities, including the Florida Inland Navigation District, the St. Johns County Sheriff, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, and St. Augustine Police, and St. Augustine General Services Director.  
  93. None are ever gaveled or ordered removed.  
  94. Hence BENJAMIN's ordering Mr. Reynolds removed was illegal viewpoint discrimination, intended to further his scheme of illegally voting from a boat and encumbering the Chairman's seat on the Port Commission.
  95. Other illegal orders at the October 15, 2019 included Rivers' odd demand that I stop filing Open Records requests with the District.
  96. At least one of those requests related to BENJAMIN's residence.
  97. On October 15, 2019, one of those Open Records requests disgorged inculpatory documents on Florida Elections Commission files on complaints concerning BENJAMIN's residence, including facts set forth in this complaint.
  98. Thus, BENJAMIN and Rivers both would appear to have both obstructed justice and violated civil rights in connection with BENJAMIN's voting status.
  99. The SJC Supervisor of Elections is hereby respectfully requested to determine, without fear or favor, whether BENJAMIN is an eligible voter in 2019.
  100. The SJC Supervisor of Elections is hereby respectfully requested to determine, without fear or favor, whether BENJAMIN was an eligible voter in 2016 at the time when he admitted his residence in Jacksonville, long after he ceased having any business connection or  mailing address at the 65 Lewis Blvd. commercial property.
  101. The SJC Supervisor of Elections, Honorable Vicki Oakes, is hereby respectfully requested not to accept any correspondence from or lobbying by JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE, the counsel for the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach Dstrict.
  102. JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE cannot legally serve as BENJAMIN's counsel in civil, criminal or administrative investigations, as such would be ultra vires, and a prohibited conflict of interest.  Rules 4-1.7, 4-1.13, Rules Regulating the Florida Bar (September 19, 2019).
  103. Port District Attorney JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE is now on notice about BENJAMIN's residency. Attorney BEDSOLE now has a mandatory legal duty under Rule 4-1.13 to take action concerning BENJAMIN's illegal voter registration.  Rule 4-1.13(b) states in pertinent part: "(b) Violations by Officers or Employees of Organization. If a lawyer for an organization knows that an officer, employee, or other person associated with the organization is engaged in action, intends to act, or refuses to act in a matter related to the representation that is a violation of a legal obligation to the organization or a violation of law that reasonably might be imputed to the organization and is likely to result in substantial injury to the organization, the lawyer shall proceed as is reasonably necessary in the best interest of the organization. In determining how to proceed, the lawyer shall give due consideration to the seriousness of the violation and its consequences, the scope and nature of the lawyer’s representation, the responsibility in the organization and the apparent motivation of the person involved, the policies of the organization concerning such matters, and any other relevant considerations. Any measures taken shall be designed to minimize disruption of the organization and the risk of revealing information relating to the representation to persons outside the organization. Such measures may include among others:
    (1) asking reconsideration of the matter;
    (2) advising that a separate legal opinion on the matter be sought for presentation to appropriate authority in the organization; and
    (3) referring the matter to higher authority in the organization, including, if warranted by the seriousness of the matter, referral to the highest authority that can act in behalf of the organization as determined by applicable law."
  104. Complaints concerning an elected official-voter's residence are personal to the individual and not against the government agency board on which they may serve illegally. 
  105. BEDSOLE's October 15, 2019 engagement letter with SAPWB does not provide for representation of individual board members in election, ethics or other potential civil, criminal or administrative matters.
  106. Sadly, there were blurred ethical lines during the 2012-2013 complaints against Respondent BENJAMIN.  It was, at best, unseemly for SAPWB lawyer JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE to represent BENJAMIN before the Florida Elections Commission (or the Governor if that ever occurred).
  107. As an elected official, BARRY MARK BENJAMIN has no right or entitlement to a "free lawyer" to represent him before the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections, or any other government official on his voting residence. See Rules 4-1.7, 4-1.13, Rules Regulating the Florida Bar (September 19, 2019). 
  108. Respondent BARRY MARK BENJAMIN must either defend himself, or find independent counsel. 
  109. It would be an inherent conflict of interest and unethical for Port District attorney BEDSOLE to represent BENJAMIN before SoE in this matter.   See Florida Bar Ethics Opinion 77-30 (Reconsideration, September 29, 2006)(inherent conflict of interest for County Attorney to represent County Commissioner charged with an ethics violation --  any County Commission waiver of conflict of interest cannot be given by the County Commissioner in quo).
  110. BARRY MARK BENJAMIN cannot be represented by JAMES EDWIN BEDSOLE or any other government attorney before SoE, or otherwise, on his illegal voting address.
  111. It would be a contract violation of public policy, unseemly and patently unjust for non-resident SAPWB Chair BARRY MARK BENJAMIN to defend his actions by abusing the services of a government attorney paid by the taxpayers of the St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District.  See October 15, 2019 representation agreement (attached); Restatement of Contracts, 2d, Sec. 178 (Contract Violation of Public Policy)
  112. No fact-finding body has ever actually determined that BENJAMIN is a resident of either 65 Lewis Blvd. or the St. Augustine Port Waterway and Beach District.
  113. "Secret law" is not susceptible of precedent, administrative-judicial notice, collateral estoppel or res judicata.
  114. "Secret law" on BENJAMIN's voting residence has allowed BENJAMIN's illegality to fester for ten (10) years without public scrutiny.  Secrecy has empowered BENJAMIN to remain a member of an elected Board ten (10) years after concerns were first raised and dismissed by insouciant staffers of then-Governor Charles Crist.  Enough flummery, dupery and nincompoopery on BENJAMIN's voting residency.
  115. "Democracy dies in darkness."  (Washington Post motto, coined by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Bob Woodward).
  116.  "[J]ustice may not be done in a corner nor in any covert manner,' 1676 Fundamental Laws of West New Jersey, Chapter XXIII,  cited in State ex rel. Herald Mail Co. v. Hamilton, 267 S.E.2d 544 (W.Va. 1980), citing 5 F. Thorpe, American Charters, Constitutions and Organic Laws, 1492-1908 (7 Vols. 1909), at 2551.  See also Jonathan Manes, "Secret Law," 106 Georgetown Law J. 803 (2018), at
  117. As John Adams said, in his closing argument to the jury in defense of the British soldiers accused of murders in the Boston Massacre, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” (John Adams, Argument in Defense of the British Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials, December 4, 1770).
  118. Please investigate and kindly consider appointing an administrative law judge or a special magistrate to hold an open public hearing.
  119. Let justice be done at last, following years of coverups, ineptitude and desuetude (non-enforcement) by Florida's Governor and Florida Election Commission.
  120. Ms. Oakes and Mr. Fusco: Pursuant to F.S. 98.045(1)(h), the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and your Florida SoE oaths of office (pursuant to Article VI of the U.S. Constitution), please comply with, enforce and uphold our Florida election residency requirements, summarized by our Florida Secretary of State Division of Elections in DE Reference Guide 0003 (Updated 07/2018): 
    • "A business address is not a satisfactory legal residential address. However, although not the rule, if the person is able to prove residence there despite the zoning ordinance, a fact-finding body could determine that the business address is the person’s legal residential address.....Please note Supervisors of Elections have a duty per s. 98.045, F.S., to determine whether a person is eligible or not. If it appears that the address is not a residential address or cannot be determined to be a residential address, a Supervisor may ask the applicant for more information to determine if the applicant is a legal resident of the county.

What's next?
Please call me to discuss.
Thank you.
With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin


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Tom Rivers - Commissioner 303 Porpoise Pt Rd
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Sandy Flowers - Commissioner 40 Water St
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