Saturday, June 20, 2020

Florida gov blames coronavirus rise on ‘overwhelmingly Hispanic’ workers. (NY Post)

Florida's Boy Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS is a rebarbative racist.  Remember how he dog-whistle referred derisively to our 2018 Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum and said, "Don't monkey this up." DeSANTIS was our mediocre 6th District Congressman, a jejune alien implant from Koch Industries.

I strongly agree with my friend Shelton Hull, who recently wrote: First of all, he's wrong. Second, this is mean-spirited and vaguely racist dog-whistling. Third, if he was right, then it's partially his fault for not making sure those workers were tested before handling Florida's food. Fourth, whether he was right or wrong, it's partially his fault for opening up the state sooner than he probably should have. Fifth, several organizations have been working for years to get collective bargaining for migrant workers, and trying to get them health insurance and other benefits, and both parties have thwarted their efforts in order to appease companies that benefit from exploiting their labor. The theory floated by the governor is exactly what those activists have been warning us about for 20 years, if not longer, going back to the days of Cesar Chavez... #Florida

Florida gov blames coronavirus rise on ‘overwhelmingly Hispanic’ workers

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