Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Proud of Local Civil Rights Demonstrators, and Proud of Local Cops

Proud of local demonstrators and proud of local cops during peaceful, friendly courteous demonstrations inspired by Minneapolis police homicide and sequelae.

Don't let haters like Historic City News and Michael Gold distract you. (His animus-ridden editorial attack on Rev. Rawls was an unforced error -- ill-timed, ill-advised. Will it torpedo the candidacy of Mr. Gold's client, Christopher Strickland), who is running for Sheriff against Robert Hardwick, St. Augustine Beach Police Chief? Ask Ms. Jill Pacetti, who was on her way to be electing Commissioner with Mr. Gold's help, until he attacked a 20 year old student for criticizing him, using racist tropes, thereby electing JOHN OTHA VALDES, who defe3ted Ms. Pacetti.)

I've been outspoken in response to Rawls' Philistinism and demolition deby approach to historic Echo House and monuments to dead Civil War veterans.

But on this occasion, Rev. Rawls and I fully agree: police crimes, coverups and lynchings must end.

Justice for Michelle O'Connell.

Justice for Eli Washtock.

From St. Augustine Record:

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