Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Robert Hardwick, Next St. Johns County Sheriff (SAR)

Congratulations to Sheriff-elect Robert Hardwick,

No surprise here. 

Dull Republicans are guilty of

o Illegally closing the universal primary by use of a phony write-in candidate, who will soon withdraw. 
o Accepting most of the dirty developer money and the endorsement of corrupt incumbent David Shoar,

Sheriff-elect Hardwick: "EARN THIS," in the words of the movie, "Saving Private Ryan."

We, the People expect you to prosecute the murderers of Michelle O'Connell and Eli Washtock. 


I think Sheriff-elect Hardwick has a good heart, good soul and will soon disappoint the reckless, feckless thugs who supported him and corralled copious quantities of corporate ca$h for him, starting with snollygoster St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994. 

From St. Augustine Record, now written and edited in Daytona Beach and Austin, Texas by people who know nothing about the September 2, 2010 murder of Michelle O'Connell in the home of Deputy Jeremy Banks, or are told not to share it with readers by their snooty hedge fund masters in Lord knows where: 

Hardwick wins sheriff's race in landslide 

Matt Bruce St. Augustine Record 

Robert Hardwick emerged as the clear-cut winner in Tuesday night’s Republican primary, racking up nearly 70% of the vote to prevail convincingly in a race that all but assures he’ll be St. Johns County’s next sheriff. Hardwick had 26,475 votes cast for him, or 69.3% of the ballots, according to unofficial election results. His opponent, Chris Strickland, walked away with 11,712 votes, or 30.7%. The heated battle pitted Hardwick, St. Augustine Beach’s longtime chief of police, against Strickland, a long-tenured raking deputy who retired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2016 following a blow-up with Shoar. It was a race fraught with political tensions, many of them involving the outgoing sheriff. The campaign trail featured allegations of bias, cancelled appearances at forums and a dust-up that cut a much-anticipated debate short. Hardwick, who enjoyed Shoar’s endorsement, remained above the fray through much of it. He brought nearly 30 years of law enforcement and military experience to the ballot box with him. He campaigned on a platform of community partnerships and expanding the Sheriff’s Office’s technology infrastructure. Hardwick balked at the promise of outfitting all deputies with body cameras, a centerpiece of Strickland’s platform. Strickland touted his institutional knowledge of the Sheriff’s Office, an agency from which he gleaned law enforcement experience for over 27 years. He told voters his experience would allow him to hit the ground running on the first day on the job. Republican candidate for St. Johns County Sheriff Chris Strickland, left, waves with a group of his supporters to voters in front of a polling station in Palencia on primary election day Tuesday. Hardwick appears to be a clear lock to secure the top lawman position in the general election. He moves on to face write-in candidate Scott Boutwell, a regional maintenance manager with no apparent law enforcement experience. Boutwell registered as an independent candidate just hours before the qualifying deadline June 12. Florida is a closed-party state for all partisan races with candidates from separate parties. That means Boutwell’s last-minute filing shut over 95,000 registered Democratic and no-party affiliated voters out of casting ballots in Tuesday’s Republican primary. Boutwell has made no public campaign appearances, has no website promoting his candidacy and his campaign hadn’t raised any money as of Tuesday, according to the Supervisor of Elections.


Historic City News said...

I think that picture with Shoar's arm stuck up Hardwick's butt pulling the strings is what we have to look forward to for a while. I like Hardwick but in any of his past employment he has done nothing on the scale of the SJSO. He's never been responsible for jail operation, court bailiffs, a complex multi-agency communications center with 911, logistics that provide field offices, team operations that share control with FDLE, FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, a federally regulated commercial airport, the list just goes on and on the further you traverse the hundreds of square miles that make up St Johns County.

Ed Slavin said...

1. Broward County voters had six (6) candidates to choose from for Sheriff in the Democratic Primary.
2. St. Johns County voters need more choices. We need a County Charter, written the right way (not by PVB).
3. I think Ro. Hardwick has a good heart and good soul, but his accepting Shoar's endorsement was wrong.
4. I think Rob Hardwick may surprise you.
5. We've talked about the Michelle O'Connell case, where he planned an exhumation, autopsy and indictment.