Tuesday, August 18, 2020

School Board Desegregated, Making St. Johns County "Safe for Diversity": Welcome, Anthony Coleman, New School Board Member.

Dull Republicans in St. Johns County lost another race in 2020, but they first lost it in 2011-2012, during redistricting, 

Dull Republicans on the St. Johns County School Board, led by then-Chair Beverly Slough and longtime School Board lawyer FRANK D. UPCHURCH, III, tried to reduce the African-American percentage of District 2 from 14.8 to less than 10%. 

Egged on by the racist St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee, they lost before County Commission, which agreed with its consultant, County Attorney Patrick Francis McCormack and me.  

 Civil rights advocates, including Judith Seraphin, Rev. Ron Rawls and me, opposed the change as violating the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, and the Voting Rights Act.

The foolish School Board backed down, making a huge unsung Civil Rights victory,

We won.


This victory made possible the election of Anthony Coleman, a school safety expert, retired Sheriff's Deputy and African-American community leader, Anthony Coleman.

I never met, and was never properly introduced to, Dull Republican FRANK UPCHRUCH and BEVERLY SLOUGH  But when I saw their maniacal hate stares at me at St. Johns County Commission, I knew we'd scored points, 

Segregation is wrong, 

Racist gerrymandering is wrong.

Defeating racism takes a village,

And as JFK said June 10, 1963, at American University, "We must make the world safe for diversity,"

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