Monday, January 04, 2021

Florida Is Embarrassed by Sexist, Supercilious Bully Boy Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS, COVID-19 Superspreader Governor (CNN)

 DeSantis lashes out at CNN

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Ron DeSantis lampooned CNN correspondent Rosa Flores on Monday after she started to ask him during a press conference about Florida's troubled rollout of the coronavirus vaccines. As Flores noted that websites had crashed and phone lines were jammed, DeSantis cut her off and wouldn't let her complete her question. The Florida governor suggested Flores was trying to "give a speech" and repeatedly interrupted her as she attempted to finish. 


Eventually Flores was able to ask the governor about senior citizens waiting overnight for the chance of receiving a vaccine, to which DeSantis asked if Flores had investigated why that was. "That's my question to you Governor," Flores replied. "You're the Governor of the state. I'm not the Governor of the state." Ultimately, DeSantis placed the blame on hospitals — though he defended not "dictating" to them how to handle their operations.

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