Friday, December 24, 2021

FTC Must Investigate GANNETT, Incredible Shrinking St. Augustine Record

  • Shirking their duty to be a "watchdog," not a lapdog, GANNETT managers and editors have deprived St. Augustine Record readers of a local newspaper. 
  • No more local editors.
  • No more local editorials.
  • Editorials from other GANNETT papers. 
  • Few local letters.
  • Few local columns. 
  • No local cartoons. 
  • No local investigative reportiug. 
  • No more local news columnists. 
  • Decreased coverage of local events. 
  • No Opinion page Monday through Saturday. 
  • And no printed newspaper on December 24-25, purporting to combine those editions, while referring us to the still-dysfunctional website, where paying subscribers are still blocked and told to subscribe. 
At least I got a credit for the unprinted papers -- when I called and complained December 23, 2021 GANNETT's foreign call center graciously extended my subscription by three (3) days.

I predicted this dire situation in a filing opposing bankruptcy relief for predecessor Record owner MORRIS COMMUNICATIONS, which was relieved from $300,000,000 in debt without even twenty minutes for newspaper subscribers to be heard, a position for which I was sanctioned by a federal judge.

Our local newspaper does not even have a physical address any longer.

Its putative editor, who also edits the Daytons Beach News Journal, is not on the masthead and recently announced his retirement.

Who will now be in charge of the St. Augustine Record?

Dear readers, here's hoping that the ghosts of A Christmas Carol appear in the dreams of hedge fund owners and GANNETT managers and editors tonight, on Christmas Eve.

Otherwise, looks for the superficial Scrooges in charge of GANNETT to continue their mediocrity, mendacity and pandering to the rich and powerful.

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