Thursday, December 23, 2021


 Time for new County Commissioners in St. Johns County?  

Only Paul Waldron voted against it, and he did not say why.  

Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS helped deliver the Christmas present to Senator HUTSON. How?  By appointing SARAH ARNOLD, development director for United Way of St. Johns County, to the vacant District 2 Commission Seat. 

New Commissioner ARNOLD lustily made the motion to approve the vast expansion of SILVERLEAF on her first day in office, anticipating campaign ca$h from the developers who have dominated St. Johns County politics since 1998.

This stinky SILVERLEAF project benefits the family business of Greedy Republican STATE SENATOR TRAVIS HUTSON (R-HUTSON COMPANIES),

Are cynical SENATOR HUTSON and five Commissioners playing Scrooge with our environment and what we know and love about St. Johns County and St. Augustine?

Enough flummery, dupery and nincompoopery from Dull Republicans and the developers who fund their campaigns.  

It is unethical for a State Senator to sponsor legislation for special interests, including himself.  

Republican STATE SENATOR HUTSON has proposed SB 620, which if enacted into law would empower business owners to sue governments if their profits decrease due to government activity.  

Is this legislation an act of racketeering, seeking to muscle local governments?

Is Senator HUTSON a grasping, greedy, materialistic PAC man, grabbing at any opportunity to raise money for Dull Republicans and stick it to the environment?

HUTSON's ban on banning plastic straws passed both Florida House and Senate, only to be vetoed by Gov. DeSANTIS in his very first veto in his first year in office in 2019. HUTSON continues introducing dubious legislation of dubious benefit, all clipping the wings of local governments, as on fossil fuels and their products, like plastic straws and suntan lotions.

Do we need a civil, criminal and administrative investigation of St. Johns County's unjust stewards and their sweetheart relationship with developers, including Senator TRAVIS HUTSON and secretive foreign investors?

When I was in law school, I helped three courageous attorneys -- Dan M. Norwood, Hayden Lait and Rehim Babaoglu -- bring a civil action for Valley Forge Civic League against STATE SENATOR JOHN N. FORD and his partners in the O.A. Partnership.  

The lawsuit alleged FORD abused his status as a State Senator to pass cemetery zoning legislation benefiting his family business, a vertically integrated funeral home and cemetery.  

A Shelby County Circuit Court Judge ordered, sua sponte, that the lawyers not find out the name of FORD's partners, even though they also sued the partnership. The case was dismissed, and lost on appeal. Public scrutiny stopped the FORD family from inflicting an unwanted cemetery on the mostly African-American Valley Forge Community, whose own Senator betrayed them out of worship for the Almighty Dollar.  

Later, STATE SENATOR JOHN N. FORD caught the attention of the FBI, who caught him, other state senators, a state representative and a Chattanooga school board member in an FBI sting called "Tennessee Waltz."

STATE SENATOR JOHN N. FORD was arrested, indicted and imprisoned for bribery, serving 52 months of a 66 month sentence

That's karma.

Who knows what cool karma awaits the unctuous unjust stewards who are constantly clearcutting our forests, burning the trees, destroying our wetlands and killing our wildlife?

You tell me.

Prediction: These unAmerican charter members of the Smirking Turkey Society, these goofy, gooberish, greedy gusses, these sanctimonious "Temple Destroyers," as John Muir would have called them, will see justice done in American courtrooms, or else in the afterlife.

This is America, where crooks like STATE SENATOR TRAVIS HUTSON and STATE SENATOR JOHN N. FORD get their comeuppance, every single day.

I pray the FBI has the receipts, and the tapes.

Let's hope they also cover former County Commissioner PRISCILLA "RACHAEL" BENNETT, a lobbyist for HUTSON who helped torpedo a county lobbying registration ordinance, including corruptly opposing a ban on contingency fees, as is in effect at the federal and state level for legislative lobbyists. As they say in Tennessee, "she bears watchin'"!

I pray that our developer-driven local legislators support the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore, which would protect some 140,000 acres of current government-owned land from their Werhmact-style attack on our nature, history and democracy.

From Jacksonville Business Journal:

SilverLeaf gets approval for additional acreage, 5,600 homes

By   –  Digital Editor, Jacksonville Business Journal 

One of the largest master-planned communities in St. Johns County received permission to get a lot bigger.

On Tuesday, the County Commission voted 4-1 to approve changes to the development that will push it beyond 15,000 homes at final buildout.

Earlier this month, the developer had received a positive recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Agency, and Tuesday's binding decision from the Commission also went through despite citizen concerns over increased traffic and increased population density in a rapidly growing county.

The development, which is already selling homes, was first approved for 10,700 homes. The new agreement allows the community to add 5,600 more homes over the next two and half decades. The plan adds 2,394 acres to the Development of Regional Impact.

Here are the changes allowed:

  • Single-family homes increase from 6,800 to 9,800
  • Multifamily homes increase from 3,900 to 4,500
  • Age-restricted homes increase from zero to 2,000
  • Office space increases from 650,000 square feet to 900,000 square feet
  • Retail (2 million square feet), light industrial (330,000 square feet) and hospital (300,000 square feet) entitlements remain the same
  • Open space will increase from 3,690 acres to 4,350 acres

Total buildout for SilverLeaf is expected by 2047.

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