Tuesday, July 25, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: With presidential campaign stalled, DeSantis reboots at luxury resort retreat. (Tallahassee Democrat/GANNETT)

What does overdeveloper-directed RONALD DION DeSANTIS do for a living?  

Exactly what does millionaire Governor DeSANTIS, our former St. Johns County Congressman, do for his  $141,400.20 annual pay?

o Whine about "woke?" 

o Emit casuistry and sophistry about things he doesn't understand, 

o Cadge campaign contributions and free airplane rides from rich guys,  

o Emit fascist feculent fetid Kulturkampf nostrums.

o Rubberstamp what Saint Augustine would call "unjust laws," which he said were "no law at all."

Spending copious quantities other peoples' money, pompous Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS had some 92 Presidential campaign staffers, half of whom he sacked.   

To celebrate their misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance, DeSANTIS & Co. recently retreated to a luxury resort in Utah, licking their wounds.

Meanwhile TRUMP & Co. continue beating sinful cynical satrap De$ANTIS badly in GQP opinion polls.   Wonder why?  

The former Yale U. baseball team captain and Harvard Law School graduate is inauthentic.  




Bad judgment. 

Devious corporate shill RONALD DION De$ANTI$ appeared on Fox News some 40 times as Congressman, 2013-2018, but did nothing for our District. 

He repeatedly stiffed local officials who had scheduled meetings with him.

He lacks empathy. 

He's got no class.  

He's a world class ass.

I pity our bumptious racist homophobic Boy Governor.   

Bless his heart.

From Tallahassee Democrat/GANNETT:

With presidential campaign stalled, DeSantis reboots at luxury resort retreat

John Kennedy

TALLAHASSEE — Stalled in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' campaign is rebooting, promising what advisers are calling a leaner, meaner "insurgency" effort going forward. 

The changes, outlined during a three-day retreat at a luxury Park City, Utah resort,involving campaign staff, along with 70 donors and fund-raisers, is a major pivot coming only two months after DeSantis formally launched his White House run. 

Polls show DeSantis anchored in second place – far behind his party’s frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, whose popularity within the GOP ranks appears to only increase amid a cascade of legal problems. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis is shaking up his stumbling presidential campaign.

Across-the-board changes planned

The DeSantis reboot is expected to include sweeping changes in messaging, media strategy and events. Cost-cutting, already underway, is certain to get even more attention, said sources briefed on the plans. 

DeSantis also plans to spend even more time in early GOP primary states. But now he plans to do more town halls and smaller-scale gatherings to make him appear more personable. 

While more outreach to mainstream media is portrayed as part of DeSantis 2.0, a campaign spokesman Monday seemed to adhere to what has become the Florida governor’s customary approach. 

“The media has tried to destroy Ron DeSantis’ campaign since day one because they are scared to death he will beat Joe Biden,” Andrew Romeo, a campaign spokesman, said in a statement. “We won’t be deterred and are going to win the nomination.” 

More change, near the campaign's top

Bloomberg News also reported Monday that the campaign’s digital director, Ethan Eilon, is being elevated to deputy campaign manager. The current manager, Generra Peck, who also led DeSantis’ re-election campaign for governor, is said to be under fire over the lagging poll numbers and the campaign’s heavy spending. 

The campaign had 92 staffers, more than double that of Trump and dozens more than any of the other Republican contenders. But those staff ranks have been pared with the firings of about 10 staffers earlier this month, likely with more departures to come. 

A presidential prelude playbook:Why DeSantis is driving Florida hard right

Rollouts, not moving campaign needle:DeSantis rolls out military agenda, targeting 'transgenderism,' COVID vaccine mandate

Ominous sign? Twitter fritz:DeSantis's presidential announcement on Twitter plagued by technical problems

The DeSantis campaign raked in over $20 million since his late May campaign kick-off and ended the June quarter with $12.2 million on hand, according to his Federal Elections Commission filing.  

The Never Back Down PAC supporting DeSantis’ bid, posted on social media this month that the governor had raised a combined $150 million for his race. 

Money, though, is tightening. Of the $20 million he raised, two-thirds came from donors who had reached their legal limit and can’t donate again. 

Cash flow – out

DeSantis also is spending.  

The governor and First Lady Casey DeSantis choose private aircraft for most of their travel, and the luxury Four Seasons Resort in Miami has been paid $279,000 by the campaign for a fund-raising spectacle which followed his campaign launch in May and another event in June. 

The Park City resort where the reboot was unveiled also is pricey. The exclusive Stein Eriksen Lodge rents a grand suite for $1,894 per night, according to the resort’s website. 

According to NBC News, the three-day weekend retreat included rounds of golf and a briefing Sunday by Peck, the campaign manager, who reportedly continues to have the support of DeSantis. 

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Anonymous said...

Unjust AND meaningless laws... passing laws just to make it appear that you've done something while the poor in the state languish under high costs of housing and high prices, still healthcare mostly for the rich, and of course a hundred thousand conservative Republican bamboozlers grifting people to a husk, crony capitalism with low taxes and low wages. Still America's untreated mental health epidemic being "solved" by incarceration? Thank a conservative Republican today.