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MOMS FOR LIBERTY (Wikipedia Profile)

Flyer for Fundraising diner with Senator Rick Scott on Friday June 9th at St. Johns Golf & Country Club

Quisha King from Moms for Liberty spoke at June 9, 2023 St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee fundraiser.  The even was originally set for First Coast Technical College, venue abruptly cancelled by School Board after I filed an Open Records request.  

School Board policies strictly forbid political fundraisers on School Board property.

Speakers at the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee event, which was held at St. Johns County Golf and Country Club, included Florida House Speaker Paul Renner, U.S. Senator Richard Lynn Scott, and new Commissioner Krista Keating-Joseph.  Pray for them to try tolerance. 

Moms for Liberty requires public scrutiny, as our elected officials are allied with extremists.

From Wikipedia: 

Moms for Liberty

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Moms for Liberty
FormationJanuary 1, 2021; 2 years ago
  • Tina Descovich
  • Tiffany Justice
  • Bridget Ziegler
HeadquartersMelbourne, Florida, U.S.
Area served 
United States

Moms for Liberty is an American right-wing[1] political organization founded on 2021 that advocates against school curriculums that mention LGBT rightsrace and ethnicitycritical race theory, and discrimination,[2][3][4][5] while multiple chapters have also campaigned to ban books that address gender and sexuality from school libraries.[2][6][7] The group has also campaigned for LGBT students to be kept separated from straight and cisgender students.[8] The group began by campaigning against COVID-19 protections in schools, including mask and vaccine mandates.[2]

The group is influential within the Republican Party.[9] Many of the group's chapters across the U.S. have forged close ties to right-wing extremist groups, including the Proud Boys and Three Percenters, as well as sovereign citizenQAnon, and Christian nationalist organizations.[10] In 2023, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that tracks extremists, termed Moms for Liberty a far-right extremist organization.[11][12][13][14]

Moms for Liberty has been criticized for harassment, for deepening divisions among parents, for making students' education more difficult, and for having close ties to the Republican Party rather than being a genuine grassroots effort.

Founding and structure[edit source]

Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich speaks to Reasonmagazine in 2021.

Moms for Liberty was co-founded in Florida on January 1, 2021, by former school board members Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice, and by then-current school board member Bridget Ziegler, the wife of Florida Republican Party Chairman Christian Ziegler.[15][16][17] By late 2021, Ziegler had left the organization. Republican activist and campaign consultant Marie Rogerson is the third-leading member of Moms for Liberty.[2][18][6][16] Descovich receives a stipend as Moms for Liberty's executive director.[5]

Descovich conceived of the organization in the fall of 2020, after losing a seat she had held on the Brevard County school board in a primary to former district employee Jennifer Jenkins, who campaigned against Descovich's opposition to mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic and teacher raises.[19][2][20]Voter turnout was higher among Republicans than Democrats county-wide.[19]

As of their first national gathering in Tampa, Florida, on July 14–17, 2022, Moms for Liberty said they had 195 chapters in 37 states and nearly 100,000 members.[21] In June 2023, it said that it had 245 chapters in 45 states and a membership of more than 115,000.[15] As of July 2023, the organization has 285 chapters in 45 states.[22]

Ideology and Republican party connections[edit source]

Moms for Liberty has been described as conservative.[2][23][3][24][25] All three founders are registered Republicans,[2] and the organization has ties to the Republican Party. The leaders of Moms for Liberty claim that their organization is non-partisan and grounded in "conservative values."[5]

Many of the group's chapters across the U.S. have forged close ties to right-wing extremist groups, including the Proud Boys and Three Percenters, as well as sovereign citizenQAnon, and Christian nationalist organizations.[10]

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups, described Moms for Liberty as a "far-right organization that engages in anti-student inclusion activities and self-identifies as part of the modern parental rights movement" that emerged "out of opposition to public health regulations for COVID-19, opposes LGBTQ+ and racially inclusive school curriculum, and has advocated books bans."[11]

Moms for Liberty has praised Florida Republicans such as Governor Ron DeSantis, referring to him on social media as "the Parents' Governor".[5]DeSantis, along with other prominent Florida Republicans, spoke at Moms for Liberty's first national gathering in Tampa, Florida, in July 2022.[21]Crediting Moms for Liberty with bringing new voters to the Republican Party, Christian Ziegler told The Washington Post in October 2021 that he had "been trying for a dozen years to get 20- and 30-year-old females involved with the Republican Party, and it was a heavy lift to get that demographic. But now Moms for Liberty has done it for me."[2]

In December 2022, the "Moms for Liberty Miami" was one of the organizations of an anti-LGBT "Protect the Children" rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; the rally, which was attended by about 20 members of the Proud Boys, was promoted by right-wing outlets, such as BreitbartOANN, and the avowedly antisemitic Goyim Defense League.[26]

The group's 2023 annual conference in June prominently featured Republican presidential candidates Donald TrumpRon DeSantisNikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy.[27]

In June 2023, the Hamilton County, Indiana, chapter of Moms for Liberty printed a quote from Adolf Hitler on the top of the front page of their monthly newsletter. The chapter chairwoman later apologized.[28][29]

Advocacy[edit source]

The organization began by campaigning against COVID-19 related health safety restrictions in schools, challenging mask mandates and associated local policies. Members of Moms for Liberty broadened their agenda to encompass other school-related items, focusing on the way issues such as racism and religion are addressed in reading materials provided to students.[30] The leaders of the group have accused educators of seeking to indoctrinate students with "secret Marxist" beliefs, and the group has targeted the use of social–emotional learning in schools.[31]

Alleged harassment and threats toward teachers and public schools[edit source]

Members and leaders of Moms for Liberty have been accused of harassing or threatening teachers, school librarians, school board members, and opposing activists.[32]

Jenkins, who replaced Descovich on the Brevard County school board, said that she was harassed by members of Moms for Liberty. According to Jenkins, a member of the group filed a false child abuse report with the county department of Child and Family Services against her.[2][17]

In April 2021, the Facebook group "Mandate Masks in Brevard County schools" (now "Families for Safe Schools") was founded in an effort to combat the Brevard County Moms for Liberty chapter.[33]

In June 2021, the chair of the Williamson County Moms for Liberty chapter told Tennessee's Department of Education in a letter that the district's curriculum was in violation of a recently-enacted state law banning the teaching of ideas related to critical race theory. Specific complaints were made about texts featuring Martin Luther King Jr.Ruby BridgesCivil Rights Movement protests, and school segregation.[23][25][30] In November 2021, the Tennessee Department of Education rejected the complaint on procedural grounds.[34][35]

In September 2021, the Livingston County, Michigan, Moms for Liberty chapter head allegedly threatened the school board with violence, and said, "We are coming for you. Take that as a threat. Call the FBI. I don’t care," according to court documents.[36] The local chapter head now reportedly has a restraining order against her for stalking.[36]

In November 2021, the Brevard County Moms for Liberty chapter filed a lawsuit against the Brevard County School Board over its public participation policy, saying that the board has used the policy to limit speech and access of opposing viewpoints during meetings.[24]

Moms for Liberty was criticized for offering a bounty to members of the public who "caught" teachers introducing texts or lessons in violation of New Hampshire's new law restricting discussions of race in school classrooms. On November 10, 2021, the New Hampshire Department of Educationannounced a website questionnaire to make it easier for the public to help enforce the law. A couple of days later, the New Hampshire Moms for Liberty chapter offered a monetary reward for doing so, tweeting: "We’ve got $500 for the person that first successfully catches a public school teacher breaking this law". Republican Governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu's spokesman said "The Governor condemns the tweet referencing 'bounties' and any sort of financial incentive is wholly inappropriate and has no place".[37]

In fall 2021 through 2022, members of a local Moms For Liberty chapter in the Florida Union Free School District (which serves the village of Florida and the towns of Goshen and Warwick in New York State) allegedly harassed acclaimed educator Larry Leaven.[38] Local newspaper the Times Union described the attacks as "overtly homophobic."[38]

In December 2021, Descovich and Justice denied that Moms for Liberty members have threatened school boards, and denounced inappropriate behavior by members of the organization.[39] In June 2023, Justice said that the organization removes chapter chairs who violate the group's code of conduct.[9]

Book banning efforts and alleged violent threats[edit source]

According to The Daily Beast, a spreadsheet accompanying the Williamson County letter of complaint contained several other stated concerns about the county's curriculum. An article about police brutality against civil rights demonstrators in the 1960s was criticized for its "negative view of Firemen and police."[30] A fictional account of the American Civil War used with fifth-graders was deemed unsuitable because of its depictions of "out of marriage families between white men and black women".[30] A book about Galileo Galilei, an astronomer persecuted by the Catholic Churchfor theorizing the Earth revolves around the Sun, should, according to the spreadsheet, not be read without some counterbalancing praise of the church: "Where is the HERO of the church?", asks the spreadsheet notation, "to contrast with their mistakes? ... Both good and bad should be represented".[30] A picture book about seahorses was condemned for depicting "mating seahorses with pictures of positions and discussion of the male carrying the eggs."[30] The Williamson County Moms for Liberty chapter told The Daily Beast in an e-mail: "Some books should be removed entirely. Some books are objectionable only because of how they are presented via the accompanying teacher's manual. And yes, some books would be better suited to a higher grade level due to their age inappropriate content."[23][25][30][40]

In 2021, the Indian River County, Florida, chapter requested the local school board remove from school libraries 51 books the group "deem(ed) to be pornographic or sexually explicit."[16][41] A critically acclaimed[42][43][44][45][46] young adult book about growing up gayAll Boys Aren't Blue, was pulled from the Vero Beach High School library after the group objected to it as being in violation of a Florida statute against providing access to pornography to children.[41] The Hernando chapter objected to Looking for AlaskaThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and two books by National Book Award winner Alex Gino.[47]

In December 2021, the Wake County, North Carolina chapter filed a criminal complaint against the Wake County Public School System over the books Lawn BoyGender Queer: a Memoir, and George.[48]

According to WFTS-TV, as of December 2021, "several schools" had removed books from shelves due to the efforts of various Moms for Liberty chapters.[39]

In June 2022, Cabot, Arkansas police opened an investigation after a recording surfaced featuring one of the group's leaders, Melissa Bosch, fantasizing about shooting school librarians, saying "they would all be plowed down with a freaking gun".[49]

In 2023, the Miami-Dade chapter of Moms for Liberty claimed credit for the removal of The Hill We Climb from a school library; the book was an adaptation of the poem of the same name by poet Amanda Gorman.[10] The activist whose complaint prompted the removal of the poetry also has links to the Proud Boys.[50]

While engaged in censorship efforts, Moms for Liberty has partnered with several conservative organizations to introduce conservative books into public school libraries.[51]

Opposition to LGBT rights and alleged violent threats[edit source]

In early 2022, Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice reportedly convinced a Texas mother to end her child's access to counseling sessions. Their child attempted to commit suicide that day. The mother has since said that she believes their efforts were "to indoctrinate me to be a foot soldier for their cause, to hold bake sales and raise money, go to the school boards and stand up and fight against them. Looking back, it was never about [her child]. It was about them."[36]

In July 2022, the Moms for Liberty Twitter account was suspended for criticizing a California gender-affirming health care bill.[52]

In August 2022, a Florida Moms for Liberty activist advocated for separating LGBT students into "specialized" classes "like for example children with autismDown Syndrome".[53]

In March 2023, a South Carolina Moms for Liberty member that served on a local school board was asked to resign after allegedly making violent threats towards local teachers.[54]

Reception[edit source]

Critics have accused Moms for Liberty of deepening divisions among parents and making it more challenging for school officials to educate students.[2] Media Matters for America accused the organization of using "parental rights" as a cover for strategically harassing public schools.[2][17]In January 2023, New Republic writer Melissa Gira Grant argued that the group uses "reality of disinvestment" in public libraries to argue for privatization of libraries, and is trying to "inject its agenda" into libraries.[55] In July 2023, The Guardian argued that "Moms for Liberty pulls deeply from [an] established playbook of "housewife populism'."[22]

Defense of Democracy, a Dutchess County, New York-based organization with several chapters nationally, was established to oppose Moms for Liberty.[9][56] The group's founder said that Moms for Liberty is "so aggressive that people are kind of scared into silence"[9] and described Defense of Democracy as "a group to fight back against Christian nationalism, that can give a voice to our teachers and our administrators and our librarians."[56] Local groups of parents that have sprung up to oppose Moms for Liberty include Support Our Schools (in Sarasota, Florida)[57] and Neighbors for Education (in Colorado).[58]

Historian Matthew Dallek, a professor at George Washington University and the author of Birchers: How the John Birch Society Radicalized the American Right, considers Moms for Liberty an ideological heir to the John Birch Society, a right-wing group active in the 1960s that promoted censorship. Moms for Liberty endorses the works of prominent Birch ally W. Cleon Skousen.[59]

Funding[edit source]

The group is organized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organization,[9][60] and is not legally required to disclose its donors.[9]

In late 2021, co-founder Tina Descovich claimed that Moms for Liberty was funded by individual $50 memberships and the sale of Moms for Liberty T-shirts,[2] and said the organization had an annual budget of $300,000.[16] Democrats have questioned how Moms for Liberty is being funded, pointing out that its expansion comes as Florida governor Ron DeSantis begins his reelection campaign.[2] According to a November 2021 analysis by Media Matters for America, Moms for Liberty benefits financially from right-wing funding and ties to traditional Republican political figures.[17]The organization is well-connected to Republican politicians and groups and financially supported by more than membership fees and T-shirt sales.[17] Marie Rogerson was paid to do campaign work for Florida Republican Representative Randy Fine.[16]

Moms for Liberty has received financial support from Conservatives for Good Government, a conservative Florida political action committee. The group also hosts fundraisers with conservative celebrities such as former Fox News host Megyn Kelly and hosted a fundraiser in June 2021 that was sponsored by Florida Republicans running for office.[5][16][17] In June 2022, Publix heiress Julie Fancelli donated $50,000 to the group's political action committee,[61] which made up almost all the PAC's funding in 2022.[15]

Sponsors of its annual summit, each of whom paid tens of thousands of to the organization, include a variety of right-wing advocacy groups and companies, including the Leadership InstituteHeritage Foundation, and Patriot Mobile.[9] Sponsorship packages are priced at up to $100,000.[15]

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It's a far right, anti-government hate group. They're trying to undermine public education, increase the teaching of DEBUNKED creationism theories in school, and create a hostile education environment for children and teachers with different sexual orientations. They will be sued and arrested.. this is all they will accomplish and by God the SJC GOP feeding into this bullshit. Any support they're given they'll take and vise versa.