Sunday, July 16, 2023

One-party rule report: St. Johns County to Settle CARR, RIGGS & INGRAM Auditor Negligence Case at a Discount? Why?

On BoCC agenda for July 18, 2023: Questionable settlement in professional accounting negligence case involving failure to detect embezzlement of nearly $800,000 over five years in our St. Johns County Sheriff's office.

Measly $325,000 payment.

Are you kidding me?

No refund of lavish fees we've paid over those five (5) years?

No admission of liability?

No suspension and debarment order -- County could hire CARR, RIGGS & INGRAM AGAIN?

No criminal charges against accounting firm?

Depositions incomplete?

With the C.P.A. firm claiming "contributory negligence," what was the role over five (5) years of his office's nearly $800,000 embezzlement of our disgraced former Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994?

No trial?

No public release of forensic audits?

No airing of Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's dirty laundry, to wit, his negligent and reckless employment of CFO RAYE BRUTNELL, wife of a FDLE manager, who embezzled nearly $800,000 over five (5) years>

Our sixth-rate County government leaves much to be desired.

Our all-Republican St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners needs to be replaced.  

They mucked up badly with their maladroit political patronage hiring and rehiring of HUNTER SINCLAIR CONRAD as County Administrator at the behest of devious developers.

We need a national search for a new County Administrator.   

We need a forensic audit.

We need a legal audit.

We need outside investigations of the nature, structure and performance of St. Johns County, starting with Growth Management, County Attorney and County Administrator's offices.  

As a youth, JFK wrote a book, "Why England Slept," about the British government's maladroit response to Hitler.

In response to overdevelopment, corruption and one-party rule, I invite comparisons. 

What do y'all reckon?

Isn't unAmerican, authoritarian, one-party rule funded by the love of corporate money "the root of all evil" in St. Johns County, wrought by Big Money and its craven cat's paws?

Five $81,000+/year Commissioners, with no legislative staff, no systematic oversight, no respect for Open Records and Sunshine?

It's time for thorough government reform.  We deserve "a choice, and not an echo," as Barry Goldwater said.

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See St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners v. Carr, Riggs & Ingram: 



Anonymous said...

Didn't Brutnell mention medical bills or some other financial hardship in her reasoning for the epic bamboozle? High prices and unaffordable health care because of what House and Senate Republicans continue to do decade after decade..yet these "victims of financial and economic circumstance" keep voting themselves into these situations... out of tradition. Becoming a pretty expensive tradition for those who aren't already rich. UK and Germany have healthcare for all and it doesn't break the bank and have people stealing from the same group of people who make things this way by voting freedom for the rich and freedom t-shirts for everyone else. Brutnell now wearing a Florida freedom t-shirt...end of the line in dog eat dog hyper capitalist Florida. Had rent hit $2,000 a month yet?

Anonymous said...

All the traffic, the high housing prices, the low wages for anyone who isn't already rich, the flopped attempt to draw in investment.. it's all the fault of the Pontevedra wine bibbers and GOP grifters I promise. They'll give everyone a good line here and there but behind closed doors talk of we don't want NY here, the camel riders, or the Chinese.. but they'll put out a line now and then about foreign and other investment. Meanwhile due to their inaction and ineffectiveness their worst nightmare is gonna come true or has come true.. criminal level of high prices coupled with lower pay than you could get elsewhere if you had an advanced degree. Money only going from the lower classes to the middle classes and changing middle class hands enroute to the upper classes and grifters with a lot of money going right back out of the county as people out of state rent houses here and take wages. Would have been better to do rent controls than to let that sort of grift happen and by God people won't get wage relief until 2026. The hogs have allowed these yoyo's to grift for so long that it's become an embarrassment. They'll recognize the inflows but never the human flight and misery caused by their malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

The GOP base is a bewildered herd of sub-apes and grifters who abhor organized government. Gee I wonder why that is? Because the grifters want to exploit without boundaries and by God there would be slavery if there was no other political party. It would be like Ancient Rome where they had house slaves... already many people in St. John's County working for bread and shelter only.