Sunday, December 17, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Top strategist departs DeSantis-linked Never Back Down PAC after damning report (Miranda Nazzaro, the Hill, December 17, 2023)

Jeff Roe has quit his job as chief strategist for our foul fetid former Congressman from St. Johns County, RONALD DION DeSANTIS, stiffed our local elected officials and constituents alike, a no-show for schedule meetings.  DeSANTIS is guilty of doing little for our District, or the 99%, 2012-2018, before being elected Governor with an endorsement from DONALD JOHN TRUMP.  Herr TRUMP now despises "RON DeSANCTIMONIOUS," as TRUMP calls the Boy Governor.  From The Hill, by Miranda Nazzaro, December 17, 2023

Top strategist departs DeSantis-linked Never Back Down PAC after damning report

A top strategist for a super PAC linked to GOP presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis departed Saturday night in the wake of a damning report detailing the tumultuous inner workings of the super PAC. 

In a report from The Washington Post, the outlet shared a series of statements from Never Back Down that discussed allegations of “mismanagement and conduct issues, including numerous unauthorized leaks containing false information,” that led to the termination of some senior officials.

Hours later, Jeff Roe posted a statement to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, writing, “I cannot in good conscience stay affiliated with Never Back Down (NBD) given the statements in the Washington Post today. They are not true and an unwanted distraction at a critical time for Governor DeSantis.” 

“I can’t believe it ended this way. I’m so proud to have worked alongside these men and women at NBD 24/7 the past nine months to save the country,” he wrote on X, adding later, “I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you.”

Roe’s resignation follows a series of departures of numerous senior members who have been fired or resigned in recent months. These departures included Chris Jankowski, the now-former CEO of Never Back Down, who stepped down last month, citing the PAC’s environment. Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R), who previously served as chairman of the super PAC, also stepped down earlier this month and said he needs to return his time and attention to his family and law practice. 

While super PACs are legally barred from directly coordinating with campaigns, multiple people familiar with DeSantis’s political network told The Associated Press (AP) he and his wife discussed concerns about the PAC’s messaging amid low polling numbers in Iowa. 

In a statement to The Hill, DeSantis communications director Andrew Romeo said the campaign had full confidence in the “independent efforts” to support DeSantis.

“We have full confidence in the NBD ground game and field operation, which is second to none. There is a stellar team in place and we appreciate their independent efforts to fight for Ron DeSantis,” Romeo said

Never Back Down often oversaw functions usually handled by campaigns, including organizing voters through a door-knocking campaign, along with massive advertising efforts, per the AP. 

Roe previously ran Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) 2016 presidential campaign and worked as an adviser for Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial run, the news wire added. 

Former President Trump, who continues to maintain a wide lead over DeSatnis and other GOP primary presidential candidates, reacted to Roe’s resignation on social media, writing on Truth Social, “Jeff Roe is out — GAME OVER for DeSanctimonious!”

The flurry of departures from Never Back Down follow the recent creation of another pro-DeSantis super PAC, called Fight Right, which received a $1 million infusion. 

The Hill reached out to DeSantis’s campaign for comment. 

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Anonymous said...

Just wasting everyone's time and money. Just think about what all that money could do for people in these communities. Instead, it's used in an attempt to buy power and influence. And with some conservatives and business people, they look at it like they're buying their way out of paying taxes. But after all is said and done, they'll have spent more on buying their way out of taxes than they would actually paying taxes. Just goes to show you the extent of the abominable greed and hatred for government that some people have. That and they'd rather commit suicide before one penny is redistributed. That's abominable greed.