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No more delays, Miami-Dade Commission: Kill Miami Wilds deal once and for all | Opinion. (Miami Herald)

There were admitted violations of two (2) federal environmental laws by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS).  Feds turned over 67 acres of federal land to be developed pursuant to federal law.  No National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review.  No Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation.  Six (6) endangered species' habitats threatened by federal lawbreaking.  U.S. District Court Senior Judge Patricia A. Seitz's order states: "These species include the Miami tiger beetle, the Florida bonneted bat, Bartram’s scrub-hairstreak, the Florida leafwing, Carter’s small-flowered flax, and the Florida brickell-bush." 

Lousy louche lawbreaking by the U.S. Department of the Interior Fish & Wildlife Service, whose Director is the spouse of Richard Grosso is a South Florida environmental law professsor. Shame on the USF&WS.  

I agree with the Miami Herald editorial board (below),  and with Senior District Judge Patricia A. Seitz in Miami, whose father was a Lieutenant General over the 82nd ABN DIVN., which my dad served as a proud corporal in WWII.

Footnote:  an angry USDOI lawyer, Patricia M. Husted, was defending DOI over the abolition of the Chief Administrative Law Judge's job, in an MSPB case in which I represented seven (7) USDOL Administrative Law Judges. Upon entering the deposition room, Ms. Husted yammered at me "I object to your presence!"   Substantially unencumbered by civility or class or charisma (now called "fizz" in 2023, Ms. Husted typified the genre of soulless sibilant defense lawyers for government and corporations in whistleblower cases.  My article on their case was in the American Bar Association's Judges' Journal.  as Legal Counsel for Constitutional Rights of the Government Accountability Project, I was retained to represent seven U.S. Department of the Interior ALJs -- a majority of DOI ALJs -- who were challenging Reagan-Bush era assaults on judicial independence.  I wrote about their case in a peer-reviewed American Bar Association journal written for and about judges.  See Edward A. Slavin, Jr., "ALJ Independence Undermined; What the Interior. Department Is Doing and Why," 31 Judge's Journal 26 (Spring 1992); "The Pecking Order," 31 Judge's Journal 31 (Spring 1992). The American Bar Association Journal dedicated a November 1991 cover story to their cause.

From Miami Herald:

No more delays, Miami-Dade Commission: Kill Miami Wilds deal once and for all | Opinion

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