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At $19 million, this home is record breaker in Northeast Florida's luxury market. (St. Augustine Record)

More McPaper Mansion Porn for those among us who worship wealth. The St. Augustine Record  broke its promises to readers about looking for a successor to Opinion Editor Krys Fluker.  Now, we no longer has letters to the editor and opinion columns seven days a week.  But under the GANNETT maladministration, the Record's devolution includes frequent mansion articles, hagiography brought to you by public relations firms spinning what was once a local newspaper.  GANNETT has blown its chance to provide journalism for the 21st century, with some 22 daily newspapers in Florida.  Rose Kennedy's favorite Bible verse was, "to whom much is given, much is expected." From the incredible shrinking, stinking, sinking St. Augustine Record: 

At $19 million, this home is record breaker in Northeast Florida's luxury market

Anne Hammock
Jacksonville Florida Times-Union

If you've ever wondered about the price tag on paradise, look no further than Ponte Vedra Beach.

After an unfinished home set the bar high in May with a $16.25 million sale, a grand oceanfront villa (just a few blocks away) surpassed that Northeast Florida record when it sold Sept. 8 for $19 million.

At 801 Ponte Vedra Blvd., the 9,200-square-foot home was first listed in March for $21.8 million. After dropping the price by $500,000 in August, the home sold just a few weeks later.

According to the Jacksonville Daily Record, which first reported the sale, the sellers were Dale and Jean Wolf and the Dale B. Wolf Revocable Trust. The buyer was recorded as Happy Oceanview LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with a St. Johns County address, where property records show a home owned by Devendra and Dhara Patel.

Justin Lott of EXP Realty, who represented the Patels in the purchase of the home, said the couple looked at one other property in addition to 801 Ponte Vedra Blvd.

Built in 2016, this 9,200-square-foot oceanfront villa at 801 Ponte Vedra Blvd. set a new record for real estate in Northeast Florida when it sold for $19 million on Sept. 8.

"The first home was a completely different type of property, much more modern, with materials imported from Europe. It was gorgeous, but a little cold," Lott said. "This one just had that 'wow' factor and was perfectly suited to their taste."

Lott noted that the buyers flew in from out of town to view the home in person, as they placed great value on "how it felt." The location on Ponte Vedra Boulevard was a key factor, as were obvious features like the spacious two-floor outdoor living area overlooking both the pool deck (with swim-up bar) and ocean.

While luxurious, elegant details abound in the home ― an antique bar with custom wine cellar, plenty of marble finishes, reclaimed lumber floors, handcrafted tile roof ― it was crafted with an eye not only toward entertaining, but also daily living.

As Lott escorted the couple up and down Ponte Vedra Boulevard, they realized that 801 Ponte Vedra Blvd. was the one for them.

The buyers took no more than two weeks to make their final decision, bringing their children along to view each home and cast their vote for the home in what Lott called a "total democratic process."

At 801 Ponte Vedra Blvd., the outdoor living area includes a pool with spa and swim-up bar, fireplace, TV and grilling station, with similar spaces on the second-floor balconies.

"This home is unique because it was built in 2016, but was a turnkey [move-in ready] property. Others were older or needed some work," he said. "It's what I call a 'well-versed house,' meaning the rooms are proportionately sized, for example. Some homes are beautiful and great for entertaining, but you can't actually see yourself living there."

A quick search of turns up at least eight homes for sale priced above $3 million in Jacksonville proper, with a handful of similar listings in Atlantic, Neptune and Jacksonville beaches. Ponte Vedra Beach is the clear leader of the pack, with 40 homes ranging from $3 million on up to nearly $11 million.

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A true monument to someone's ego. This will be wiped off the map some day and he will wish he'd spent the money doing something that actually made a difference.