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WILLETT ALBRIGHT BOYER, III, who posted on "Talk of the Town" website as "Freethinker," insulting persons seeking to protect Native American indigenous Indian archaeology in St. Augustine, Florida from speculators' depredations. Unknown if he is posting on Plazabum.


City and county government employees and their entourages have potty mouths.

They're too be pitied. They have no ideas. They're mockers. Cognitive misers.

They long posted on the St. Augustine Record's Talk of the Town until it was shut down.

Now they've got "Plazabum."

Well named.

Nancy Sikes-Klein, formerly known as BULLGA8R Lady, is now posting on her own hook, under her own name. Let the other anonymice come forward and identify themselves.

The number of government officials will boggle the mind.

Vulgarity, obscenity, crudity, anti-reform, sexist, racist, anti-gay.

Such are the denizens of St. Augustine City Hall, starting with City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRISS, who suffers and permits "his" staff to do this at City Hall.

Sikes-Klein should be ashamed of herself, associating with the racist, the sexist, the anti-gay, the obscene and the anti-reform hooligans who know not that they know not that they know not. She's a ringleader of the bullies, I reckon, who just outed herself.

Sikes-Klein, upon being asked why the City dumped 40,000 cubic yards of solid waste into the Old City Reservoir, said "it was a mistake."

How indescribably unperceptive -- NSK works for land planner and former County Commissioner Karen Taylor, and is a lickspittle for the City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRIS and minions.

For Congressional investigators, FBI and other law enforcement personnel who would like to inquire about the nature, structure and performance of Plazabum and to help determine which local city and county public officials and cronies are posting hate speech directed at minorities, consider starting with seven (7) subpoenas and calling as sworn witnesses: subject to the penalties of pejury

904-829-8772 CHARLES NUSBAUM Old City Web Services (also the CIty's web contractor)

904-823-8921 NANCY SIKES-KLINE

904-814-0506 MICHAEL GOLD


904-824-9032 GEOFFREY DOBSON

904-669-1873 JOHN REGAN, Chief Operating Officer, City of St. Augustine

904-825-1082 COMMANDER STEVEN FRICKE, ST. AUGUSTINE POLICE (Plazabum Site Administrator)

Now wrapped in cigar smoke and their own prejudices, MICHAEL GOLD's Plazabum site started as a hate-the-homeless site, as the following rabid column from the St. Augustine Record announced (after several miscreants were kicked off the St. Augustine Record Talk of the Town website):

Guest column: Don't feed the freeloaders
St. Augustine
Saturday, December 23, 2006 ; Updated: 6:51 AM on Saturday, December 23, 2006

It is time for the citizens of St. Augustine to say "enough". Our community and it's viability as a prime tourism destination is threatened by gypsy panhandlers who have been informed that our city is an "easy mark."

You might be surprised to learn that the increased number of bums and freeloaders inhabiting the plaza and historic district are not just here by accident. There is an organized anarchist group known as the "Squatter Culture" who (sic) exists (sic) primarily to make what they consider a political statement.

Their manifesto (sic) message is anti-establishment, anti-government and anti-police (sic), but, oddly enough, they are very well informed about social programs and services which we make available through government subsidies, taxes, and donations.

The refusal of the Squatter Culture (sic) to work has nothing to do with their ability to work. They should not be confused with honest citizens who find themselves unemployed; in financial stress but able bodied and looking for new jobs. Squatters do not qualify for unemployment benefits because they weren't working in the first place.

Squatters should not be confused with the handicapped. They do not qualify for disability benefits because they are not disabled.

Simply put they do not work to support themselves because they refuse to support "the system." Rather, they spend their energies plotting ways to exhaust the services and programs "the system" can manage to provide.

These parasites and leeches did not randomly target St. Augustine. Their organization (sic) provides information to members through sophisticated means like the public Internet. The hobos that you see loitering around our public libraries and in cyber cafes where Internet access is freely provided are there for a reason. Once again, they use our resources to their benefit.

Tourism and travel Web sites are now issuing "travel advisories" cautioning travelers about the possibility of being approached by panhandlers who squat in our historic district. That is unconscionable.

St. Augustine is a "park and walk" tourist community and we have spent a king's ransom building a new parking facility to promote that concept. Our best efforts will be for naught if we do not take the necessary steps to rid ourselves of vagrant beggars in the historic district.

We need to send a strong message to the "Squatter Culture" that St. Augustine is no longer a "squatter-friendly" town for everyone with their hand out. We need to close down their wooded campsites along the railroad tracks and raise our voices to those who have the responsibility to enact and enforce any required ordinances.

We need to say -- in no uncertain terms -- that as a community, we are doing everything that we possibly can to protect the safety, convenience and enjoyment of visitors to America's Oldest City and that we will continue providing a premier vacation destination.

For those who are interested in this discussion or would like to add comments, a downtown merchant started a Web site where he intends to expose the problem and what some feel is the inaction of certain commissioners to address the problem properly. His site is PLAZABUM.COM and is free.

(end of Plazabum a/k/a MICHAEL GOLD's illiterate rant in the Record two days before Christmas, 2006)


Commentary by Ed Slavin: Notice the date -- two days before Christmas.

While normal people were heeding Jesus Christ's message of peace and love, compassion and hope, MICHAEL GOLD and his soulless gang of thugs were showing their "family values" (hatred).

The ideology of Plazabum is beneath contempt -- it is anti-Christian (which is to say right-wing Republican).

Like a Pharisse, MICHAEL GOLD "values" hounding homeless poor people out of town and urges people not to help the homeless, at Christmastime.

That is uncouth, unkind, uncharitable, unChristian and unAmerican.

These haters are not Christian.

THeir sins have found them out.

Their lying lips are an abomination in the site of GOd.

MICHAEL GOLD is none other than Controversial St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's former campaign manager. http://staugustine.com/stories/090904/opi_2558742.shtml

Does Sheriff SHOAR approve of GOLD's anti-Christian rantings? Will Sheriff SHOAR and his Marketplace lunch gathering condemn GOLD's nastiness directed against African-Americans, women, gays and progressives? Or does SHOAR back GOLD?

Need I say that MICHAEL GOLD is a graduate of Reichwing FLAGLER COLLEGE, which has no tenure and where police officers have used the n----- word in class without correction by at least one professor?

Need I note that a NIC on GOLD's website has overtones of pedophilia, with a logo of a man and a boy, with the man stating to the boy, "Why don't you go out and play hide and go f--- yourself?"

Disreputable, reactionary, rabidly racist, sneering, homophobic radical Republican apparatchik MICHAEL GOLD neglects to mention the real "freeholders" -- Wall Street and City Hall satraps, hierarchical, authoritarian, anti-labor, anti-environmental snakes, snoots and snobs.

That would include the overpaid, underworked public officials who post on Plazabum, people who don't know what an honest day's work is (Operating as JR Uniforms, MICHAEL GOLD sells uniforms to local governments, sometimes without competitive bidding.).

I hereby challenge MICHAEL GOLD and his Plazabum minions to appear before the St. Augustine City COmmission and explain themselves.

How many inconsiderate City officials are not-so-secret Plazabum posters, sitting on their considerable keesters, typing hate into government computers while on the public payroll (dole), just as they were at Talk of the Town?

That's why Plazabum is very well named -- these bums in government offices deserve to hear from the voters -- throw the bums out!

Their cowardly actions may constitute sins, torts and crimes -- including obstruction of justice when they seek to intimidate city employees and whistleblowers who disclose environmental crimes (like illegal dumping of solid waste in our Old City Reservoir and sewage effluent in our Matanzas River).

Our City's tourism is way down, in no small part because Plazabum gives us a sleazy reputation on the Internet. This low-class bunch of perverts is like the ugly billboards that greet visitors to the City -- no way to welcome tourists.

We need a St. Augustine National Historical Park, National Seashore and National Scenic Coastal Highway. Never noticed any support from the denizens of ToTT or Plazabum -- they're strictly tiresome knife-throwers with no ideas -- a public nuisance.

Our Founders pledged "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" to defending liberty. These Plazabum bums don't like liberty and use "liberal" (root: liberty) as a swear word. Color these "Plazabums" misguided miscreants who should pray to God for forgiveness, even as they're investigated for federal crimes.

Ed Slavin
Box 3084
St. Augustine, FLorida 32085-3084
904-471-9918 (fax)

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