Monday, September 22, 2008

MICA: Thinks Democrats running economic policy, when they don't have a single Cabient portfolio

Congressional Record: September 16, 2008 (House)]
[Page H8145]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


(Mr. MICA asked and was given permission to address the House for 1
minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
Mr. MICA. Mr. Speaker and my colleagues, now, this is going to be a
lesson in Government 101. Now, 2 years ago, and this may surprise a lot
of the American people and even some Members that follow politics, but
the Democrats seized control of the Congress. They control the House,
the Senate.
Now, people across the country woke up this morning and yesterday and
saw the financial markets implode across the United States. Now, who's
in charge, the Democrats or the Republicans?
Now, for 2 years they promised us change. Look at the financial
leadership of the House of Representatives. Look at the leadership of
the Ways and Means Committee, right now under siege.
They promised us and the American people that they would have a
policy, the Pelosi Energy Policy, some 2 years ago when gas prices were
hovering around $2.
They control the process. We don't control the process. Now, they
have brought out a sham. They are in control, and we have the highest
energy prices in a bill that does nothing to solve the problem.
That's Government 101.


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