Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congressman MICA Needs to Get Out More and See the Homelessness That His Economic Policies Have Created

See Washington Post story below, quoting a whiny Rep. John Mica saying he won't go back to Union Station because he was panhandled.

Structural unemployment and the results of years of Repug economic policies cause homelessness. While MICA is to be commended for offering to buy the homeless lunch, we need to remember something -- Republican economic policies created homelessness, from Union Station in Washington, D.C. to the Nation's Oldest City in St. Augustine, Florida.

Don't let Republicans get away with whining about economic policies. Tell what they did. As Jed Bartlett, the President on the West Wing would say about these Republicans, "we're going to eat their lunch and make them cry and tell their mothers." Or as Maureen Dowd wrote in Sunday's New York Times, God would find our response restrained -- it's time for the American people and progressive politicians to be angry.

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