Monday, September 22, 2008


While our power was knocked out for days, by a hurricane in 2004, two of us who live in MICA's District drove to MICA's office with a short, respectful, handwritten letter, asking MICA to refer our deep concerns about FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT to the House Energy and Commerce Commitee's Oversight and Investigations Subcomittee for an investigation of FPL's slow restoration time, and apparent income-based redlining of power restoration.

We never got a response.

Four years later, we still await a response.

Ironically, MICA's North St. Augustine office was also without power for days. You'd think he'd want to know the truth. But Republicans don't regulate monopolies (or oligopolies) well.

Since FPL is MICA's contributor, we think we shall wait until hell freezes over for a response.

MICA's idea of constituent service is to ignore real people, but get loopholes, loony laws and earmarks for campaign contributors.

It's time for MICA to go.

All over this state and nation, power companies (including even some TVA distributors, like Memphis Light Gas & Water) take longer to restore power to average people than they do to those with influence and wealth. One of my law professors once waited for a month for power to be restored after an ice storm, while Democratic National Committeeman William Farris, a corporate lawyer, had his restored within days.

People in Pelican Reef and other well-heeled suburbs got what they expect -- instant gratification. People in Lincolnville and Flagler Estates have waited for weeks after storms for restoration of power.

Mr. MICA did not give a fig. His staffer WILEY DECK and DECK's wife (also on the MICA payroll) didn't even respond to our constituent correspondence.

Thrown away?

How about a Congressperson who agrees to answer eery letter?

We're ready for one and we deserve it. Vote for Faye Armitage.

Ed Slavin
Box 3084
St. Augustine, FL 32085-3084
904-471-7023 (h)
904-471-9918 (fax)

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