Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letter: Mica is past his term-limits pledge

Letter: Mica is past his term-limits pledge

Diana Smith
St. Augustine
Publication Date: 09/24/08

Editor: Voters should enforce the promise for term limits that Tom Feeney, Rick Keller, Cliff Stearns and John Mica made to them when they first ran for office.

These are promises upon which voters reasonably relied in electing and re-electing these congressmen including Mica.

Mica's voting record shows him out of touch with 95 percent of the voters, and according to the conservative National Journal, based on his voting record, Mica is the most extremist congressman of all our 25 Florida congressmen; what's worse he's the 15th most extremist among all 435 US congressmen.

Mica has breached his own 'Contract with America' (signed by him in 1994) that called for six-two year terms. Since Mica has been in office since 1993, he has already over-stayed by four years. It's time for the voters to enforce his own promise: No ninth term eight is enough.

At a time when we find our country in a state of economic crisis, we should remember that Mica has been fully complicit in creating the catastrophic, de-regulatory, free-for-all environment that has been the root cause of rampant speculation, and has now resulted in the worst financial crisis since the 1920s.

Mica has voted 95 percent with George Bush, backing failed "trickle down" economic policies.

Now he's disgraced himself further by attending a lavish convention-week party at the Aqua nightclub in Minneapolis, thrown by indicted former majority leader Tom Delay. Mica can be seen ducking and dodging, attempting to elude an ABC camera.

The video ends with Mica head-butting the camera. Is this the kind of behavior we expect from our congressman?

It's embarrassing to everyone in District 7. Eight terms are enough.

Diana Smith

St. Augustine

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