Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On his website, Rep. JOHN MICA says:

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Reform

From 1995 to 1996, Chairman Mica held hearings on efforts to privatize the investigative function of OPM and in July of 1996, after reaching a $24 million deficit, OPM converted its in-house investigations unit into a profitable employee-owned company, U.S. Investigations Service (USIS), Inc. In its first year, this first-ever privatization of a government function had saved the American taxpayers over $1 million and had dramatically increased the speed and efficiency of this vital service. Today, USIS serves as a model for future government privatization efforts.

NOthing could be further from the truth. This corrupt system insures incompetent security clearance investigations and delays, depriving government employees of investigations by other government employees. This conflict of interest violates the Delegation Doctrine, delegating a core government function (investigations) to a private company OPM investigators were forced to work for or quit. Rather than being a reformer, MICA is a "doer" (as President GEORGE BUSH said). MOre like an "evil-doer," in Bush's words.

It's gotten so bad in lobbyist-occupied Washington, D.C. that several federal agencies (including at least one Naval installtion) actually toyed with contracting-out the contracting function, yet another core government function that can't be constitutionally delegated.

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Michael John said...

Regarding USIS, I am not sure where you got your facts. Following the great surge in security clearance needs after 9-11 backlogs did grow. However, at this point the backlog is worked through and new processes to improve the timliness of clearances continue to be put in place. Check out our website also for additional ideas about improving overall timeliness while lowering cost and improving quality. Your facts are dated.