Monday, September 29, 2008


Corporations and special-interest groups have increasingly been turning to The Tarrance Group to find solutions to their own unique situations. Our value to these groups stems from our political background - businesses and institutions find that our "campaign-style" approach to research affords them a new level of confidence to develop and implement strategies. The firm's corporate and public affairs research division has done extensive work in the following areas:
issue management / advocacy
reputation management, stakeholder analysis
communications development & evaluation.

The Tarrance Difference
In this fast-paced, ever changing world, you need accurate data and strategic insight into your target audiences. The Tarrance Group helps you know your world by utilizing cutting edge research tools that help you achieve your goals.

What sets The Tarrance Group apart from other firms is our commitment to make research findings "actionable." Evaluating issues and situations is taken one step further by using research data to develop a core set of recommendations for each project. This extra step -- referred to as the "Tarrance Difference" -- has positioned The Tarrance Group as an invaluable team member for hundreds of successful political campaigns, corporations, public affairs organizations and non-profits.

The Tarrance Difference is applied to each client and every project through our four cornerstones of commitment:

Uncompromising Methodological Integrity: We never cut corners when it comes to methodology. From survey instrument to in-depth statistical analysis, our first demand of ourselves is accuracy. Our track record and level of client satisfaction is proof positive.
State-of-the-Art Technology: We employ the newest research techniques and computer modeling programs with proven and reliable methods to achieve the greatest accuracy and depth of understanding about the client's environment.

Fast Turnaround: The Tarrance Group offers the fastest turnaround time on survey research and strategic analysis in our industry. Our technical capabilities, in-house facilities and personal commitment to our clients means we can make the most effective use of that most valuable resource: time.

Turning Data into Sound Strategic Advice: Turning raw data into information and strategic advice you can use is the difference between our client's success and failure. Our successful experience enables us to provide clear, concise strategic analysis from highly accurate, in-depth raw data.

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