Saturday, August 27, 2016


Stop the temple destroyers (in John Muir's words).  Stop the foreign-funded mafia-style machinations of the wretched wrecking crews hiding behind secretive greedy Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), subverting our democracy and destroying our environment/
HALT dodgy developers' devilish devious demolition derby (DDDDDD) -- from destroying our community.
Vote for Debra Maynard for Sheriff, and send Sheriff DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR" out the door -- he's the money-hungry developers' best friend, intimidating Commissioners.
As California House Speaker Jesse Unruh once said, "money is the mother's milk of politics."
Read all about who gives SHOAR/HOAR money here.
NOCATEE and other corrupt developers are SHOAR's owners and controllers, as is lobbyist MARTIN FIORENTINO, who lobbies for St. Johns County and its corrupt Sheriff, as well as falsely claiming to lobby for our City of St. Augustine.
One of the first contributors on the first day (March 1, 2016) of SHOAR's orgy of fundraising was dodgy, controversial New Orleans investor JOHN ARBIZZANI, who wants to destroy an 1880 Victorian home on Cordova Street, without justification or excuse -- our Historic Architectural Review Board is listening to We, the People.
Reckon we're going to stop him?
Speculator ARBIZZANI rudely stood behind me while I spoke, after I asked him to "sit down."_
Read about the FBI tape of Sheriff SHOAR plotting with developer mouthpiece GEORGE McCLURE to subvert democracy here and read full transcript here.

Former County Commission Chairman Ben Rich, Sr. rightly called land-raping dodgy "developers," funded by foreign money, "worse than any carpetbagger." Selling shoddy homes to unsuspecting families, pouring money into political campaigns, destroying wetlands, burdening schools, clear cutting forests. Pure evil. Read the list of who is enabling Sheriff DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR," here.


Warren Celli said...

A better crime stopper picture here...

And a good discussion of why many people think cops, especially David Bernard Shoar, suck, here...

I watched the red anger band "I'm mad!" video — wow! Its true he is mad! And no I don't think he is capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time... he can't even drive and wear a seat belt at the same time.

Ed Slavin said...

I agree! Thank you, Warren, for all that you do to make this a better, cooler, happier, gnarlier place!