Monday, August 22, 2016

Oppose Half-Mile Cross-town Parking Lot Route; ST. AUGUSTINE RESIDENTS COUNT

A selfish business owner wants to dump on Lincolnville. Commissioners: please uphold PZB. Thank you.
On the agenda for Monday's City Commission meeting is this:
Item 6.A. Appeal of a Planning and Zoning Board Denial of a Use by Exception to allow off-site parking and a variance to allow off-site parking beyond the 400-foot maximum distance between the business and parking facility at 149 Riberia Street. 
The Bayfront Marin House B&B (Maurice Morissette – Owner) at 142 Avenida Menendez is requesting a variance to the 400 foot distance limitation between the premises requiring the off-street parking and the proposed parking location at 149 Riberia Street. 
As you can see in the picture, the parking lot they want to use on Riberia is a HALF MILE AWAY from the B&B on Avenida Menendez. 
The owners are claiming a financial hardship because the St Augustine Historical Society is raising the price of the parking spaces they are currently renting next to the Oldest House on St Francis ST (a few blocks away fromt he B&B). 
While we can appreciate the desire of these business owners to control their costs, a half a mile seems impractical and it begs the question; why should Lincolnville be the parking lot for a business on the bayfront clear across downtown? Can't they meet the increased lease at the Oldest House and pass the costs onto their customers? 
This seems like a very bad idea for the city. How far is to far? 
Once again we have to ask, is Lincolnville becoming Parkingville? 
Let our Commissioners know how you feel about this:

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Warren Celli said...

Letter just sent to all city Commissioners;

I agree with Lee Geanuleas, this is a perfect example of burden shifting (see his email below).

The owners, rather than paying the increased costs and passing them on to their customers, seek instead to shift the costs to burden the city residents with increased traffic to and from their business and further burden the residents of Lincolnville with a noisy 24/7 parking lot.

"How far is to far?" Lee asks.

I ask, "Where have we seen this movie before?"


All city Commissioners received last week — as a result of their solicitation of the public — an on line copy of the most recent issue of the "Saint Aug Dog". The issue describes, through parody, satire, and mockery, the shifting of wealth to the city's rich elite (through proximate cause corruption), with the resultant burden shift manifesting in the early deaths of many members of the community and an overall degradation of the social fabric of the city of Saint Augustine.

To continue ignoring this issue of greater burden shifting gross criminal corruption, which empowers you all and provides you all with income, is a perfect example of lies of omission.

Your future, your children's future, and your grand children's future depends on your personal courage and moral integrity in handling this issue.

As a reminder...

Last issue of the "Saint Aug Dog".

Salient issue linked to in the last issue of the "Saint Aug Dog".

On behalf of Intentionally Made Homeless and Oppressed Residents Everywhere Count.
Warren Celli