Monday, August 22, 2016



I agree with Lee Geanuleas, this is a perfect example of burden shifting (see his email below).

The owners, rather than paying the increased costs and passing them on to their customers, seek instead to shift the costs to burden the city residents with increased traffic to and from their business and further burden the residents of Lincolnville with a noisy 24/7 parking lot.

"How far is to far?" Lee asks.

I ask, "Where have we seen this movie before?"


All city Comissioners received last week — as a result of their solicitation of the public — an on line copy of the most recent issue of the "Saint Aug Dog". The issue describes, through parody, satire, and mockery, the shifting of wealth to the city's rich elite (through proximate cause corruption), with the resultant burden shift manifesting in the early deaths of many members of the community and an overall degradation of the social fabric of the city of Saint Augustine.

To continue ignoring this issue of greater burden shifting gross criminal corruption, which empowers you all and provides you all with income, is a perfect example of lies of omission.

Your future, your children's future, and your grand children's future depends on your personal courage and moral integrity in handling this issue.

As a reminder...

Last issue of the "Saint Aug Dog".

Salient issue linked to in the last issue of the "Saint Aug Dog".

On behalf of Intentionally Made Homeless and Oppressed Residents Everywhere Count.
Warren Celli

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Warren Celli said...

Saint Augustine City Commission meeting — three hours and forty minutes of lies of omission and endless self congratulatory baloneyspeak by the morally corrupt.

Soooooooooooo disappointing.

Small wonder so few participate.

Thanks for posting the letter Ed.