Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mayor Nancy Shaver on Civility in Our Town Must Include Commissioners (August 8, 2016)

As we begin our work this evening, let's remind ourselves that we all come to this table with varied and valuable expertise and experience - land planning, law, accounting, architecture, and management consulting - and more.
We each work with the City staff and others to do our homework before our meetings. As an example, if Vice-Mayor Horvath has a question for the City Manager on the design of the Bayfront project, my assumption is that she brings diligence and experience to her question, and I give her perspective the respect it deserves.
My intention as Chair has always been to foster a productive dialogue about what comes before us in an open, thoughtful and considered way for all of us, and for our citizens, in an atmosphere that allows for good decisions, and we have agreed on all but a very few of the issues we have decided together.
We sit at this table with three tasks - determine policy, provide oversight and ensure accountability for the people and the City we serve. And while we may differ on an issue, we can respect each other, the offices we hold and the table at which we sit.
Moving forward I ask that each of you join me in working together to produce the best possible climate in which to conduct the people's business.

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