Sunday, August 28, 2016

"That's a Civil Matter" Is a Canard and an Inexcusable Excuse by Sheriff, SAO

Whenever there is a consumer fraud, embezzlement, bribery or other white collar crime, the yokel Sheriff and State's Attorney often refuse to prosecute.
Who are these men?  Unethical, annoying, anti-consumer SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR F/K/A "HOAR" and STATE'S ATTORNEY RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA a/k/a/ "LaLIZZARD" -- these louche lousy officials contrive to excuse corporate crime, no matter what.  These two mediocrities are  maladroit, inept, mendacious, mediocre members of "the ignorant tight-assed club" (in the words of President Bartlet in NBC's The West Wing)
These emetic anti-heroes emit rotely the ukase through their subordinates: "IT'S A CIVIL MATTER."
There is no "civil matter" exemption in the criminal law.
It's an excuse.
These boobies, ninnies, cronies, clones, clowns and creeps -- unjust stewards in charge of criminal injustice here in our Nation's "Oldest White City" (1939 WPA Guide) -- rudely, rotely and routinely try to  excuse crimes, frauds and wrongdoing -- often by their campaign contributors, et pals.
Other Florida jurisdictions with progressive prosecutors and sheriffs often will prosecute consumer fraud, environmental crimes, organized crime and other organizational criminal wrongdoing.
Not this redneck peckerwood jurisdiction, run by corporativist whores like DAVID SHOAR and RALPH LARIZZA.
We, the People are thereby made sitting ducks for an international collection of organized criminals, of whom Robert Francis Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General once said: "If we do not, on a national scale, attack organized criminals with weapons and techniques as effective as their own, they will destroy us."
OUT THE DOOR WITH crooked, dupey, doofus Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, our estimable St. Johns County Sheriff.
Elect Debra Maynard.
Enough flummery, dupery, nincompoopery and organized crime in St. Johns County.
It's time for a change.  NOW.

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