Friday, August 12, 2016


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Civil RICO Defendant Dr. GENESTER WILSON-KING, M.D., "Medical Director"

Civil RICO Defendant Dr. DAN T. TUDOR, M.D., "Medical Director"

On August 11, 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Marsha Yandell sued twelve alleged tortfeasing wrongdoers -- five people and seven corporations -- in federal court, starting with Jacksonville, Florida lawyer IAN JAMES CHRISTIANSEN who led the scheme to sell bogus licenses conveying rights to medical marijuana.
Also sued were CHRISTIANSEN's alleged co-conspirators, including non-lawyer CHRISTOPHER RALPH, who portrayed himself as a "member of the American Bar Association," calling himself a legal administrator.
Two allegedly malfeasant physicians and one phony physician were also sued: Dr. GENESTER WILSON-KING, M.D., Dr. DAN T. TUDOR, M.D., unlicensed doctor CHAKSAU C. SHARMA, and seven corporations, IJC LAW GROUP d/b/a "HEALTH LAW SERVICES," Florida non-profit corporation CTIC, INC., CTI OF FLORIDA, INC. d/b/a CANNABANOID THERAPY INSTITUTE OF FLORIDA, PATIENT SOLUTIIONS, LLC and FLORIDA CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE HEALTH, INC.
The lawsuit is filed under federal racketeer-influenced and corruption law (RICO) and state fraud and legal malpractice law.
For $799, the alleged racketeering schemers gave the Yandells and hundreds of Florida residents a fraudulent purported legal document invoking the "medical necessity" doctrine, as if a lawyers' and doctors formulaic language on a laminated card could somehow overcome Florida criminal law.
The Yandells were singled out for prosecution by Sheriff DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR" and State's Attorney Ralph Joseph Larizza.
Their reliance on the defendants left the Yandells "homeless, broke convicted felons," forced to move to Oregon by the devastating effect of arrests, SWAT invasions of their home, destruction of their property, cutoff of power by JEA.
The Yandells agreed to probation before Circuit Court Judge J. Michael Traynor, after the SHOAR/LARIZZA case against them fizzled.
The initial lawsuit is pending before U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Monte C. Richardson, but no Article III judges was listed on the lawsuit, filed by Jacksonville attorney Andrew Bondarud.
No word on whether or when Sheriff DAVID SHOAR will be sued for civil rights violations perpetrated against the Yandells.

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It's a shame that scammers are out there taking advantage of people who really need this for medicinal reasons!