Sunday, August 21, 2016


Wonder why Sheriff DAVID SHOAR F/K/A "HOAR" won't respond? Ever since his 2009 apparent DUI wreck and leg bone broken in nine places, his personality has changed for the worse, avoiding questions making horrible decisions -- SHOAR's paranoia is a stench in the nostrils of St. Johns County, our Nation, and the world.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Slavin
To: dshoar ; mcline ; cmulligan ; wharriss
Sent: Sun, Aug 21, 2016 2:59 pm
Subject: Re: Disclosure of All of Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's Medical and Psychiatric Records

Dear Sheriff Shoar:

1. Please disclose all of your medical and psychiatric files by close of business on August 22, 2016. I first requested this information on January 27, 2016 -- seven months ago. No response.

2. Today is the second day of early voting; votes will be counted August 30, 2016.

3. We, the People have a Right to Know about your health, diagnoses, treatment and sequelae, Sheriff Shoar.

4. Our science-based concern for your health has increased in the past seven months, due to your long history:
A. Fainting spells, work absences and sleeping on the job;
B. Car wrecks, personal injuries and emergency hospitalizations;
C. Repeatedly missing scheduled appointments and ducking phone calls, including avoiding County Commissioners' telephone calls after the Ford Street incident (in which you secretly paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements for disrupting African-Americans' high school graduation parties with pepper spray, police dogs and arrests);
D. Repeatedly canceling meetings for illogical or pretextual reasons;
E. Refusing to attend several public fora in 2016, abruptly canceling public appearances so as to avoid First Amendment protected activity, all while manipulating "straw poll" results before the universal primary for Sheriff, which was illegally closed by your confederates, including your massage therapist, an ex-jailer, who filed to run as a faux write-in candidate, closing the primary;
F. After years of coverup, delay, obstruction of justice and denial, hurling insults at the grieving Michelle O'Connell family -- issuing an uncivil, unkind, uncouth ukase -- a paranoid, hateful middle-of-the night May 23, 2016 press release, containing material false statements about the Michelle O'Connell family and exhumation autopsy, unadorned by any decent respect for her family, accusing them of "molesting" Michelle's corpse;
G. Emitting a long, angry, rambling, divisive, provocative July 8, 2016 YouTube video saying that you were "mad" after the Dallas police murders, promoting neither healing nor accountability;
H. Refusing to provide dashboard cameras or body cameras to protect citizens and our deputies, affecting putative "privacy" concerns, reading rote rodomontade from a prepared script, claiming that law enforcement officers "don't need to be watched," while ignoring Plato's (or Juvenal's) classic question ("Who guards the guardians?") yet:
I. Unlawfully wiretapping attorney-client meetings as a matter of standard operating procedure, resulting in two federal courts and four federal judges (three of four of them Republican appointees) finding in 2012 and 2014 that your policies of videotaping attorney-client meetings without notice or court order violated both our Fourth Amendment and federal wiretapping laws (after you filed an illegal, retaliatory, First Amendment violating Bar complaint against the co-plaintiff, attorney Anne Marie Gennusa, for filing a supposedly "frivolous" lawsuit, the most "frivolous" you had ever seen, you once claimed);
J. Tolerating and touting illegal arrests, including apparent First Amendment violations directed at Jeffrey Marcus Gray and Scott and Marsha Yandell;
K. Avoiding and evading numerous public records requests since 2014, while falsely claiming to be "transparent";
L. Refusing to answer news media questions, including those posed by then St. Augustine Record Editor Peter Ellis about the Tom Manuel case, and The New York Times and PBS Frontline, paying nearly $10,000 for a lawyer to run interference with their work on the Michelle O'Connell case;
M. Keeping ten armed deputy spouse-beaters on the Sheriff's payroll, including your friend Jeremy Banks, who admitted in a taped interview to abusing the late Michelle O'Connell; and
N. Never apologizing for anything to anyone, while raising a quarter million dollars from dodgy developers and other businesses interested in dominating St. Johns County government, as part of your desperate reelection campaign, spending vast suns to uglify the landscape and plaster your (tainted) surname all over St. Johns County on ugly signs.

5. As an additional factor bearing on your paranoid, irate emotional state, I am still concerned that you distributed a t-shirt, stating "If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them." Whose funds paid for that provocative t-shirt? What public business purpose justified this expense?

6. While you apologized to me and to others for the provocative t-shirt, it shows a dangerous level of anger toward First Amendment protected activity. It also shows your extremist willingness to do anything to defend your "troops," including hateful defamatory remarks directed at the grieving O'Connell family.

7. You have deeply disappointed and embarrassed our community in the eyes of the world. You have put your character at issue by your actions and your health is deteriorating, as you spend lavishly from tainted developer LLC money, seeking a fourth four year term as Sheriff. We are concerned about your physical and mental health and we have a Right to Know. Please disclose and preserve your medical and psychiatric files. Now.

Thank you.

With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin

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Warren Celli said...

And let's not forget the labor, price fixing, election tampering, and government hijacking role he played as SAPD Chief of Police on behalf of the business community in eliminating the street artists, civil rights activists and FREE SPEECH advocating newspapers in downtown Saint Augustine.

Nor should we forget the pre-election self promotion paid for with your TAX dollars.