Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who should I vote for in 8/30 Primary Election?

I have been asked to provide a handy list of suggestions for voting, including the illegally closed primary races.

Here it is:

Democrat: Alan Grayson
Republican: Anyone but Marco Antonio Rubio a/k/a "Little Marco"

Sheriff: Debra Maynard
Clerk of Courts: George Lareau
Commissioner: Al Abbatiello
Commissioner: Paul Waldron
Commissioner: Henry Dean
School Board: John Reardon

City Commission: Rhey Palmer

Malcolm Anthony
David Hood
Howard O. McGillin, Jr.

Solar energy tax exemption: Yes

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warren Celli said...

The elite, in order to validate and legitimize their lies of omission hijacked government, are expending tremendous energy to get voters to the scam polls; but rather than being complicit in their immoral co-opted scam you do have an option...

æ"Strategy — Phase One
1. Election Boycotts:
Gaining Power: Job number one — creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process... Farce to force! Yes, you have to give up being controlled by farce in order to take control and gain force! This will take proactive, not passive, boycotts of the present electoral process with a reorganization outside of, and in parallel with, the corrupt system.

When you come to see that these abuses are either by design, as I strongly believe, or even not by design, it matters not. What matters is that the abuses exist, they are severe, and they are working to destroy us. Good conscience, love, and caring, compels us now — all of us — to withdraw our consent, to no longer be complicit, and to shun the present farce immoral social political system and start again to gain force outside the present system.

The power of shunning — a 'Vote of NO Confidence'... Voting is not a civic duty, it is a civil right like free speech. Just as you are not compelled to speak, you are not compelled to vote. Not voting is a vote that has the power of context. In times of citizen satisfaction a non vote can be considered a vote of confidence in the government that is setting the policy that is providing that citizen satisfaction. In turbulent times, where the citizenry is vocally dissatisfied and has repeatedly shown its disapproval when the government has repeatedly acted against its citizen will and been non responsive to that will, a non vote can be considered a 'Vote of NO Confidence' in that non responsive government. There is little doubt of citizen dissatisfaction with today's wealthy elite Xtrēvilism corporate governance and little doubt that moneyed wealthy elite corporate interests have hijacked our government. Poll after poll leaves no doubt as to citizen dissatisfaction. Non votes in today's context can confidently be counted as 'Votes of NO Confidence' in this hijacked government.""