Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another victory: BRAD KING rejected for Florida Supreme Court vacancy -- covered up September 2, 2010 shooting of Michelle O'Connell

It's official, folks: St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR is a three time loser.
Overbearing Sheriff DAVID SHOAR backed two City Commission candidates in the November 2016 election -- both lost
Orotund Sheriff DAVID SHOAR backed his Ocala State's Attorney crony, BRADLEY KING, for a seat on Florida's Supreme Court.
Yes, that BRAD KING, the schlemiel who covered up the Michelle O'Connell case.
In fact, BRAD KING listed SHOAR's name first among ten (10) references given to Governor Scott.
Wonder why?
Was there a quid pro quo for King's coverup and later favors from SHOAR, including political support?
KING refuses to provide information on the employment of his adult offspring, two lawyers and a Sheriff's Deputy, claiming exemptions.
Where do they work?
That question was not answered at JNC yesterday.
But BRAD KING's maladroit mishandling of the Michelle O'Connell case was questioned by Florida Supreme Court JNC Chair
You could see the fear and anger in BRAD KING's eyes and face.
After publicly spanking a 35-year prosecutor for covering up a case covered by The New York Times, we saw just a little bit of justice.
Florida's Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Committee voted last night (November 28, 2016) not to send KING's name to Governor RICK SCOTT.
SHOAR's surname was as "HOAR" until a decade before he ran for Sheriff; HOAR had his name legally changed by a Circuit Court Judge.
During the 2016 election, Sheriff SHOAR may have violated the federal Hatch Act by using letterhead to endorse Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS at the City of St. Augustine Beach -- SAMUELS was defeated by Maggie Kostka.
SHOAR endorsed mayoral candidate KRIS PHILLIPS in St. Augustine, defeated by our incumbent reform mayor, Nancy Shaver.
Like SHOAR, PHILLIPS violated federal law by campaigning in St. Augustine National Cemetery.
SHOAR's developer pals spent ungodly amounts of money on lying louche Political Action Committee "postcards from the edge."
Justice was done, for the third time in one month.
BRAD KING, the special prosecutor who helped cover up the Michelle O'Connell case, will not be going to Tallahassee to be the next member of our Florida Supreme Court. Great victory for equal justice under law. Huge defeat for St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who is now a three time loser.

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