Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Voter Suppression -- Sick, twisted Republican attempt at "humor"

See below for retromignent rebarbative Republican attempt at humor about their voter suppression in St. Johns County, Florida, and elsewhere -- rampant Fifteenth Amendment violations.

There's no early voting inside the territorial limits of the City of St. Augustine.

Wonder why?

There's no "local option" early voting on the Sunday before the election, as in bigger counties.

Wonder why?

Below is a revealingly glib, sick, icky twisted post from fraudfeasing tortfeasor WILLIAM JONES -- St. Augustine Beach Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS' and Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's arachnid apparatchik  -- as scurvy a scurrilous spider as ever spun a web of lies and deceit in a political campaign.

Those evil Republicans - how dare they?

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