Friday, November 11, 2016

St. Augustine Beach Budget SNAFU -- Budget Advertisement Had Blank Line

So St. Augustine Beach city government passed a budget and millage rate but the advertisement was not correct:
“The wrong amount was placed on Line A and C; and no amount was indicated on line B.” Pitiful

More is blank than line B in an ad -- MAX ROYLE, the City Manager in St. Augustine Beach since 1979 is clueless and other-directed, allowing developers to walk all over the City government. MAXIE sleeps in meetings and joked about it in his newspaper column. Joked about it.

Maladroit MAX ROYLE, estimable St. Augustine Beach City Manager -- is it time for him to go?

Should MAXIE have his pay docked for the incremental cost of the extra advertising in The St. Augustine Record?

Posted November 10, 2016 11:02 pm - Updated November 11, 2016 05:36 am
St. Augustine Beach budget hearing to be redone because of advertising error

St. Augustine Beach commissioners will have to again vote on its budget and millage rate on Monday, because of a mistake in a city advertisement.

The city’s previous notice was “in violation of the law” because of errors, according to an advertisement run in Thursday’s St. Augustine Record and backup materials for the next City Commission meeting.

The City Commission in September passed a budget and flat millage rate, and presented the information to the public. That information presented at meetings was correct, but an advertisement in The Record was not correct.

The Florida Department of Revenue called Melissa Burns, beach chief financial officer, to let her know of the error, according to backup materials.

“The call was to inform the City that the Notice of Proposed Tax Increase advertisement was not correct,” according to a memo from Burns to City Manager Max Royle. “The wrong amount was placed on Line A and C; and no amount was indicated on line B.”

Because of that, the ads had to be redone and the final budget hearing has to be held again, according to Burns.

“We have 15 days from receipt of written notice in which to advertise and must hold the public hearing between 2 & 5 days of the advertisements,” said Burns, who also apologized.

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