Thursday, November 10, 2016

We "keep chipping away." Yes, we do.

When I asked for the umpteenth time that Planning and Zoning agenda packets be placed upon the City website earlier this year, so that We, the People might know what developers are asking for in advance of meetings, our controversial City of St. Augustine Planning and Building Director DAVID BIRCHIM squeaked at me, "You keep chipping away." Yes we do.

We the People re-elected a reform Mayor, Nancy Shaver.

We've slowed the pace of the Demolition Derby wrought by wicked evil developers and BIRCHIIM's erstwhile boss, fired Planning and Building Director MARK ALAN KNIGHT.

We've elected a new City Commissioner in St. Augustine Beach, Maggie Kostka, defeating developer shill and First Amendment violating bully ANDREA SAMUELS.

Both SAMUELS and erstwhile mayoral candidate KRIS PHILLIPS were floor-planned like a used car lot by Sheriff DAVID SHOAR and his developer cronies, including DAVID BARTON CORNEAL, SETH CORNEAL, ex-City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRIS, ex-Mayor JOE BOLES and their toadies, lickspittles, ninnies, boobies and arachnid apparatchiks, pitiful putrid excuses for humanity like JOE SAVIAK.

Yes, We, the People, defeated SHOAR's plan, just as surely as General George S. Patton, Jr. defeated Nazi General Erwin Rommel's plan in North Africa.

Yes, we "keep chipping away."

Yes, we do.

We, the People, united -- there is nothing that we can't do.

Yes, we do.

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Warren Celli said...

In spite of the chipping,
We all are slipping,
Into the ever growing morass,

More hammers are needed,
This call must be heeded,
The silent must off his dead ass,

And all those new blows,
Like well composed prose,
Must be focused on evils most crass...