Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Establishment is circling the wagons outside St. Augustine Beach City Hall this election morning

It's morning in St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach, the twin itty-bitty cities -- 
a/k/a Twin Peaks with beaches.
Bald eagles are soaring.
Surfers are surfing.
People are voting.
In St. Augustine Beach, four entrenched City Commission incumbents are in panic mode.
Why? Two of them have been carpet-bombing the Constitution.
Both ANDREA SAMUELS and RICH O'BRIEN face tough re-election challenges.
Two Commissioners are acting like doormats for developers.
Two Commissioners habitually violate the peoples' rights.
The people are angry.
The people want change.
So what are two of O'BRIEN's and SAMUELS' three colleagues doing?
Circling the wagons.
Yes, they're all there at City Hall.
Go watch.
The Last Hurrah?

It's circle the wagons time in the itty-bitty City of St. Augustine Beach (population 7000).
There's one voting precinct, at City Hall. 
The "Gang of Four" is all there this morning, with Commissioners SHERMAN GARY SNODGRASS and MARGARET ENGLAND supporting embattled Commissioners ANDREA SAMUELS and RICH O'BRIEN.  
They're nervous and they should be.  
SNODGRASS, ENGLAND and O'BRIEN have all contributed money to SAMUELS' campaign.
People want change.  
They're tired of the circus created by ROBERT & ANDREA SAMUELS' animus, animadversions and egos.  
Good people of St. Augustine Beach: want reform?  Vote for reformers.

Elect Maggie Kostka and Rose Bailey to St. Augustine Beach City Commission.

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