Tuesday, November 22, 2016

When is a meeting not a meeting?

There was supposed to be a meeting of the St. Johns County Commissioners for swearing-in of two new Commissioners today, but it did not happen.

Outgoing Commissioners PRISCILLA "RACHAEL" BENNETT (R-HUTSON COMPANIES) and William McClure managed to end their four-year terms without any public meeting today.

New Commissioners I. Henry Dean and Paul Waldron were sworn in privately by and in the office of County Attorney Patrick McCormack.  A public ceremony with Judge Charles Tinlin will be held on December 6, 2016.

This is a departure from longstanding practice.

Ordinarily, new Commissioners are sworn in during a meeting in November, with the departing Commissioners present.  It's our tradition.

Patrick McCormack called this morning to say that Michael Gold's Historic City News got it wrong, that there would be no meeting to swear in new Commissioners.

No, he didn't get it wrong -- some of our County Commissioners apparently changed their mind.

With an FBI investigation ongoing into corruption in St. Johns County, and a cloud hanging over BENNETT, the developers' ethically challenged puppet, et al. we can't blame this misanthropic miscreant for wanting to slip away without listening to public comment last time.  It reflects her lack of character.   Presumably, she's taking with her that $160 pair of scissors, which never found its way into county property inventory records.


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