Monday, November 14, 2016


City Commission chambers, in the words of John Randolph of Roanoke are "like a rotten mackeral by moonlight: they both shine and stink."

Yes, City Hall stinks.


As a result of unremediated flooding damage in the wake of Hurricane Matthew -- and the City staff's miserable failure to detect and remediate mold after it happened -- City Commission chambers at St. Augustine City Hall are CONTAMINATED.

Closed to the public for some six weeks.

The City Commission meeting tonight (November 14, 2016) is moved to the Lightner Museum lobby, and will be a very short agenda, unadorned by tv coverage.

The long-awaited City presentation on the maladroit LITTLEJOHN mobility study is postponed, once again.

The next City Commission meeting is December 5th, when it is expected that the three re-elected Commissioners will be sworn in by County Court Judge Charles Tinlin.

What do you expect when our City Hall is so badly mismanaged that it deposited a landfill in a lake?

Environmental matters are neglected and not respected by our local governments -- every single one of them.

As my late client, Oak Ridge National Laboratory whistleblower Mr. C.D. "Bud" Varnadore said, while still assigned office space next to radioactive waste barrels, "[we]'ve got nowhere to go but up."

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